Reinhold Messner married for the third time (with Diane Schumacher 35 years younger) –

Reinhold Messner said yes for the third time. The king of the 8,000 on May 28 married Diana Schumacher, 41, in Castelbello, his partner since 2019. One of the wedding witnesses was Messner’s brother and former primary Hubert, as told by the Tageszeitung.

35 years of difference

The 77-year-old and the Luxembourgish, 35 years his junior, they pronounced the fateful s in front of the mayor Gustav Tappeiner, in the council chamber of Ciardes / Castelbello, a village in the Val Venosta, near Merano. The age difference doesn’t scare them, they assure them. she who has the courage, not me: I do not have an easy character and I have already warned her, put her hands on the great climber.

Ceremony behind closed doors

Messner from 1972 to 1977 was married to Uschi Demeter and in 2009 – after 25 years of cohabitation and three children – he married Sabine Stehle, from whom he divorced in 2019. As already happened in 2009, the ceremony was held in great secrecy behind closed doors, in the late afternoon, only family and close friends are present. The news of Reinhold Messner’s imminent marriage had become public at the beginning of May after the posting of publications in the municipality of Messner’s residence, Castelbello.

Reinhold Messner e Diane
It wasn’t love at first sight

The one with Diane was not love at first sight, as the great climber revealed to Elvira Serra sul Courier service. Quite a very romantic thing, on the bridge of the Brunico Castle, at the entrance to my museum. Her, a twenty-year-old marriage and a fourteen-year-old son, Reto, when he met the King of the Eight thousand, he lived in Monaco and worked for the post office and telecommunications company Post Luxembourg, in the commercial sector of business customers. They jointly founded The Messner Mountain Heritage in support of mountain museums around the world.

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