rags fly to Men and Women

rags fly to Men and Women
rags fly to Men and Women

Tina Cipollari loses her temper and swear words fly in the studio. Chaos to men and women. That’s who the true columnist got angry with. All the details.

Tina Cipollari loses her temper at Men and Women-Lettoquotidiano.it

The most peperina columnist of Men and women loses control and chaos erupts in the living room of Maria De Filippi. Here’s what happened in the last episode.

Tina Cipollari explodes in the studio

Men and women turns out to be the most watched program in the afternoon of Canale 5. Every day the living room of feelings of Maria De Filippi, which has been on the air for 25 years, ends with peaks of share that are always positive.

The dynamics that involve young tronists and knights and ladies of the throne over, viewers like them so much that they look forward to the new episodes to find out how the dynamics of the protagonists of the famous Canale5 dating show evolve.

It has always been the center of attention Tina Cipollari, beloved columnist of the program together with his shoulder and colleague of all time Gianni Sperti.

Tina Cipollari and Gianni Sperti, opinion leaders of Men and Women-Lettoquotidiano.it

It was she who became the protagonist of an unexpected curtain that was aired in the last episode of Men and women. The vamp from Viterbo lost her temper with a knight. Flying rags live, the presenter is speechless.

This is what caused the fury of the vamp of Men and Women

The last episode of Men and Women was full of twists. After the space dedicated to the tronista Andrea Nicole, Maria De Filippi she moved on to talk about the throne over. In the center of the study called the knight Biagio Di Maro and Mrs. Bernarda. The two are getting to know each other and have dated several times.

Biagio Di Maro and the lady Bernarda-Lettoquotidiano.it

Biagio said he found a perfect harmony with the woman and to have spent very happy moments with her. In the last episode of the Canale 5 dating show, everyone expected that after the nice words, the knight confirmed his exclusivity for the beautiful lady. This however did not happen and Tina Cipollari exploded starting to offend Biagio.

The person concerned also intervened on the matter, Bernard, who confessed to having spent the night with the knight with whom he is also kissed. The lady confirmed that would be ready to give him the exclusivity to devote himself completely to their attendance.

He doesn’t think so Biagio that boldly, he publicly stated that he did not feel ready to know only Mrs. Bernarda and not wanting to grant it, therefore, the exclusivity.

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Tina Cipollari loses control and begins to insult the knight addressing him with not-so-nice epithets e accusing him of being a fake person. Do you agree with the vamp?

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