gave him the volleyball player’s money? –

gave him the volleyball player’s money? –
gave him the volleyball player’s money? –
from Maria Volpe

The athlete was stolen 700 thousand euros in 15 years of “fake” engagement. The scammer Valeria Satta perhaps paid the stolen money into another “virtual” relationship

A story that is surreal and to which Le Iene have dedicated three episodes (the last one tonight, Tuesday 7 December). After all, it was the correspondents of the Italia 1 program who unmasked two women scammers, to the detriment of volleyball player Roberto Cazzaniga. The champion has “given”, in 15 years, 700 thousand euros to a hypothetical girlfriend, a model that does not actually exist. Envoy Ismaele La Vardera helped Roberto realize the bitter reality. Maya, pseudonym of the splendid Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio, is actually a Sardinian lady – Valeria Satta – a great scammer. Through Manuela, a friend (?) Of Roberto, she contacted the volleyball player on the phone, pretending to be the beautiful Brazilian and maintained this virtual relationship for 15 years, saying she was heart-sick and asking poor Roberto for money. Who discovered the harsh reality thanks to his volleyball teammates, who involved Le Iene to “save him”.

The new scam

Last week we saw the meeting between Roberto and his executioner in Cagliari. And listening to his voice, the volleyball player finally realized the long deception. Instead, Satta continued to climb mirrors, lying. Tonight, 7 December, there is a new testimony in the investigation of Ismaele La Vardera. A man, in fact, after seeing the report on the case, says he recognized Valeria Satta’s voice as that of an alleged girlfriend, with whom he had a telephone relationship only. Unlike what happened to the former volleyball player, the man (Massimo) says he has received from the woman over the last year many gifts, in the form of money, credits to her account, travel and even a proposal to automobile, for a value of more than 100,000 euros. Could it be Cazzaniga’s money, useful for organizing another sentimental scam?

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