Have you ever seen Maria De Filippi’s house by the sea? It is a gift from Maurizio Costanzo

The presenter par excellence Maria De Filippi has a beautiful house by the sea donated by Costanzo: here are the details of the story

One of the presenters who changed the history of Italian television, particularly appreciated for her profound humility, esteem and professionalism that distinguishes her from the rest: we are talking about the queen par excellence, who recently turned 60, the fantastic Maria De Filippi. A humble woman who often with her words manages to reach people’s hearts with extreme ease, making them reflect, as often happens in her There is mail for you, advising them and rejoicing with them when it comes to love as in Men and Women and entertains her audience in Tu si que vales with her splendid friend Sabrina Ferilli.

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Maria is considered the queen of Italian television as her programs always prove to be particularly successful. Before joining the world of broadcasting and television, she graduated and specialized in finance sciences. His dream was to become a magistrate, then pursuing his career in a videotape company. The turning point in his career comes thanks to his work, where he attended a conference on music piracy he met with one of the professional journalists already well known at the time, Maurizio Costanzo.

The man immediately understood the talent of the beautiful De Filippi and proposed her to become his assistant but after some time he realized the extreme professionalism and talent that that girl had, so much so that he proposed her as the presenter of the talent Amici, at the time. different from the current one which cost her the winning of her first Telegatto as Best Entertainment Show with Guests.

Since then his programs have always proved to be a success, see Men and Women, a historic program for those in search of love that has been on the air since 2000 which has seen the succession of a series of suitors and tronists some now married and others who still thank Maria for having particularly believed in them and in their talent (like Giulia De Lellis, Costantino Vitagliano). Another extremely successful program that thanks to Maria has churned out talents in the world of music and dance is Amici with the success of Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone who are very close to the presenter.

She is romantically linked to Maurizio Costanzo, professional journalist and creator of the famous talk show Maurizio Costanzo Show, since 1995 when the two got married. Together they decided to adopt their only son Gabriele, who works behind the scenes of the Men and Women program with which both parents, but above all Maria, has a very special relationship, so much so that she revealed: “AND a nice thing. A smart, clean, honest guy amazes me more every day. And I’m not lavish with compliments, he feels these things for the first time now. But I’m sure it will be a bravo father, and also a good husband, is a faithful one ”.

Maurizio gave his wife a splendid dream villa.

The dream villa of Maria De Filippi

villa (web photo)

The popular presenter and queen of Italian television loves the sea and the boat and often indulges in moments of relaxation on her yacht. But not everyone knows that the host owns a house by the sea, ad Ansedonia, in a villa bought and donated by her husband Maurizio Costanzo.

The villa is particularly beautiful, surrounded by greenery and very spacious with a large swimming pool where she is often photographed in moments of relaxation and everyday life with her family.

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