Maria De Filippi, the end of her nightmare: sixteen years of waiting

Maria De Filippi came out of a nightmare that lasted sixteen years: a serious accusation risked hindering her career path.

Maria De Filippi (Mediaset)

Maria De Filippi Finally gets out of a situation time sixteen years that could have undermined his career and professional credibility, what happened?

In the television world, everyone is talking about the integrity of the presenter and her workaholic work. Her TV adventure began almost by chance: Maria had graduated with honors in law and worked in the legal department of a company that produced videotapes.

During a conference he has known Maurizio Costanzo who wanted her as an assistant. The first television appearance was that in 1992 to Amici, which at the time was a talk show, ancestor of what later became Men and Women.

Later came many other programs of which she is also the author and producer: in 2001 her company launched the talent They will be famous.

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Maria De Filippi, is the end of a nightmare: a complicated controversy

The name of the famous talent is changed shortly after for legal issues linked to the name “Saranno Famosi” which belonged to the well-known 90s TV series. However, this is not the only legal issue the program has had to address.

In 2004 Maria De Filippi and her company; the Fascino PGT, are sued by the screenwriter Roberto Quagliano. The man makes the accusation of plagiarism against “Show school” another previous program conceived and written by him.

The man requested substantial damages for copying his idea but the Rome Court ruled that there was a substantial difference between the two programs. Show school, indeed, era un reality show, while Friends it has always been a talent show.

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The issue was not resolved there as Quagliano appealed and brought the issue before the Court of Appeal. However, the latter also confirmed the sentence in 2016. The last step, however, ended a few days ago when also the Supreme Court confirmed the two previous sentences and sentenced Quagliano to reimburse the legal costs for the lawsuit, which lasted a good sixteen years. A real liberation for De Filippi and his company which had to struggle a lot before seeing the affair concluded.

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