Miriana and Biagio begin to get to know each other better – Big Brother VIP

Although until last night Miriana e Biagio they seemed to be very close, today the showgirl noticed some changes in him.

“I see you elusive” he says, trying to understand the reason for this apparent detachment; apparently, however, the VIP denies this suspicion and tells her that this is not the case.

Their conversation quickly turns on Patrizia; “I miss him so much” confesses the showgirl saying that in her he had found a point of reference, but also a great confidant. By the way, Biagio, with his irony, admits that he was happy to see her with Patrizia as, in this way, she could stay away from him. “First you want me to stay close to you, then you want me to stay away from you … make up your own mind” counter the VIP.

Miriana, wanting to understand something more about the columnist, says she has noticed that certain ways of doing them are only with her and, for this very reason, she thinks there is a sensible motivation. “I can also tell myself by joking and playing” Biagio replies, justifying his behavior and saying that he prefers to put himself in this way to lighten the situation which, at times, could be heavy. Speaking of lightness, even the VIP says he has noticed in her a completely original and carefree way of doing. “I don’t want to cancel myself anymore for anyone” Miriana answers explaining that, if in the past she gave priority to others, today she wants to try to think only of herself and her happiness.

Curious to understand how things went with the former competitor Nicola, Biagio tries to extrapolate some more information. “I knew everything about him, he never asked me for anything” Miriana says explaining that, on the contrary, Nicola has never tried to find out anything about her and this thing has given her many doubts.

Between one joke and another, Miriana and Biagio seem to be more and more accomplices.


Miriana Biagio Big Brother VIP

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