Listen to TV December 4th 2021: Dancing with the Stars, Uà

Listen to TV December 4th 2021: Dancing with the Stars, Uà
Listen to TV December 4th 2021: Dancing with the Stars, Uà

You listen to tv from Saturday 4 December 2021: new challenge between Rai1 and Canale 5. “Dancing with the Stars” against “Uà – A man so many stories“. Who won the challenge related to you listen to TV last night, Saturday 4th December 2021?

Let’s find out all Auditel data of the early evening paying attention also to the major digital terrestrial channels. Here are all the preferences of the television audience in terms of share.

Listen to TV last night: Dancing with the Stars vs Uà – A man with many stories. Auditel last night, December 4, 2021

Challenge Rai1 and Canale 5: ‘Dancing with the Stars’ by Milly Carlucci asphalts ‘Uà – A man with many stories’, Claudio Baglioni’s lifeshow.

Rai 1: Dancing with the Stars, the Saturday night ball competition hosted by Milly Carlucci attracted the attention of 3,807,000 TV spectators. Share of 23.4%.

On Rai 2: SWAT, the US television series produced by Aaron Rahsaan Thomas and Shawn Ryan for CBS attracted 939,000 viewers (4.2% share).

Rai 3: Sapiens One planet, the program that asks questions about man, nature, space, earth and the future of the Sapiens conducted by Mario Tozzi attracted the attention of 1,071,000 spectators. Share of 5.7%.

Network 4: Octopussy – Operation octopus, the 1983 film directed by John Glen, the thirteenth film in the James Bond saga, held 640,000 spectators in suspense. Share 3.2%. In the cast: Roger Moore, Louis Jourdan.

Channel 5: Uà – A man with many stories, Claudio Baglioni’s lifeshow attracted 2,322,000 spectators to the TV. Share of 14%. Among the guests: Renato Zero and Giorgia.

Italia 1: Dragon Trainer, the 2010 animated film directed by Chris Sanders and Dean DeBlois thrilled 428,000 spectators equal to 2.2% share.

La7: Versailles: the French-Canadian series created by Simon Mirren and David Wolstencroft and dedicated to the life of Louis XIV thrilled 259,000 spectators, equal to 1.7% of auditel.

Tv8: Christmas in Vienna: the film directed by Maclain Nelson thrilled 341,000 spectators. Share of 1.6%. In the cast: S.Drew, B.Elliott.

Nine: The crime of Garlasco: the documentary dedicated to the murder that took place in Garlasco, in the province of Pavia, on the morning of 13 August 2007 against Chiara Poggi, recorded 368,000 spectators for a 1.9% share.

Listen to DayTime Afternoon, data from December 4, 2021


  • Dedicated: 1.695.000 spectators with 11.5%.
  • Ballando on the road: 1,365,000 spectators with 10.4%.
  • In his image: 1.154.000 spectators with 9.1%
  • The Zecchino d’oro: 1,757,000 spectators with 12.5% ​​share.


  • Beautiful: 2,415,000 spectators with a 14.9% share.
  • Scenes from a wedding: 1,742,000 spectators with 12% of Auditel.
  • A life: 1,886,000 spectators with a 14.5% share.
  • very true: 2,211,000 spectators with 17.2% of Auditel.

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