Flashback between Gianamaria Antinolfi and Sophie Codegoni?

Flashback between Gianamaria Antinolfi and Sophie Codegoni?
Flashback between Gianamaria Antinolfi and Sophie Codegoni?

One of the most discussed couples inside the Big Brother Vip house is the one formed by Sophie Codegoni and Gianmaria Antinolfi. The two have had to go through ups and downs but there could also be a flashback that brought them back together.

The day before the broadcast of the most followed reality show in Italy Big Brother Vip, led by Alfonso Signorini, Sophie Codegoni e Gianmaria Antinolfi they exchanged loving effusions. Between kisses and hugs, the couple was filmed in bed together while the two were intent on kissing, thus spending the night, embracing each other.

The former tronista of Men and Women, Sophie Codegoni, he wanted to clarify how things stand between them. Apparently, Sophie codegoni admitted that he succumbed to the charm of Gianmaria Antinolfi but of not being taken enough by the latter.

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GF Vip, Sophie Codegoni: “The mental attraction with Gianmaria is missing”

Current competitors of the Big Brother Vip, Sophie Codegoni e Gianmaria Antinolfi, in the last few weeks they have been talked about a lot. Both were initially very taken for each other, in fact it was thought that the two would have undertaken a path of knowledge for a hypothetical romantic relationship.

This did not happen: Sophie Codegoni and Gianmaria Antinolfi they had many fights and arguments, which led them to move away from each other, although after the night spent together on Thursday, the two would have made peace.

The young woman Sophie codegoni she wanted to admit, during the airing of GF Vip on Friday, that she was only physically attracted to Gianmaria Antinolfi.

Sophie codegoni said Friday:

Between us there has always been a great attraction, then last night there was finally a moment of fun and I let myself go. Between us though there is no mental part.

In addition, the former tronista of Men and women she wanted to clarify that she did not regret after what happened on Friday, but she wanted to state that it would have been inevitable:

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It was inevitable, if it didn’t happen in here, it would happen outside. These are things I would have preferred to avoid here. I’m not sorry, yesterday I really wanted this.

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