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scegli un quadro e ti dirò cosa nasconde la tua personalità

Pick a painting and I’ll tell you what your personality hides with this fun test

If you think about it, anartwork it shows the world seen from the artist’s eyes and a reality that can be read equally by the viewer.
Not surprisingly, the most important works also serve as postcard opening of a specific era.

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The framework test it is just for this: to reveal what your nature hides, your part of boss concealed by rationality.
Let’s find out how to do the painting test together

Test: choose the painting and I’ll tell you what your personality hides

In this framework test we offer you six different paintings. Choose the one that most fascinates you and read the answer corresponding to the chosen number.
Only in this way will you be able to discover yours artistic side hidden by your rationality.
Let’s start the fun!

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1) “The persistence of memory” by Salvador Dalì

This picture reveals that you are a very person estrosa and who has a great desire to joke and play.
At the same time, you are also a very self-aware person.

You try to hide this side of you, but we know very well that you are interested in what others say and what they think of you.

You know you are a person narcissistic and that gives you the strength to give your best and firmly believe in yourself even in the darkest moments.
Sometimes, you stop and start thinking about big questions of life and of the human being.

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2) “Las Meninas” by Diego Velázquez

This painting reveals that you are a person who lives outside the box and loves getting lost in the details. You have no time to waste on superficial things and are always looking for yours professional success.

This constant desire for fame leads you to to sacrifice relationships with the people you care about most. Precisely for this reason, we invite you to recalibrate your priorities in such a way that you do not lose anyone as you go your own way.
Eye, because you may regret it.

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3) “The starry night” by Vincente Van Gogh

If you have made this choice, it means that you are a person who does not love their life, because you have lived experiences that have made you suffer so much and for this you try to escape into yours imaginary world.
This motivates you to read, paint and research art to stay calm and find the strength to face everyday life.

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Despite your difficult past, you are still a person optimistic and that is precisely why every time you fall you know how to get up and go forward.

4) “The death of Marat” by Jacques – Louis David

You are a person sometimes nostalgic, who prefers to look to the past rather than move forward.

For you there are no half measures and everything around you is either white or black, or good or bad.
You are a person who knows what he does and gives confidence to others. Those around you, in fact, consider you a person beautiful.
For you, beauty is absolutely not subjective and has specific criteria to be evaluated.

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5) “L’urlo di Munch” di Edvard Munch

If you have made this choice it means that you are a person who puts a lot of passion in everything it does.
This picture was painted during German Expressionism, one of humanity’s darkest times, but it served as warning in the dark to survive.
Despite being a difficult painting to process, this image attracts totally your attention.

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Are you a person who prefers the hardness of liferather than a good lie just to make you feel good.
You always want to see clearly

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