Are Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando together? Iannone denies!

Are Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando together? Iannone denies!
Are Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando together? Iannone denies!

Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando on the dance floor at Dancing with the Stars are increasingly close-knit. They are together? Photos on Instagram reveal details about the relationship

Are Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando together? The love story seemed to be born at the beginning of Dancing with the stars when photos of the two appeared on “People”, shots of everyday life that showed a relationship far beyond that of two competitors in a TV program. From walking together we moved on to feeling on the track up to a kiss during the fourth episode of the show. Thanks to the votes of the public they managed to pass the turn and it was at that moment that the kiss between the two took place.

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Are Lucrezia Lando and Andrea Iannone together? Updates

The alchemy already evident on the track a Dancing with the Stars was also revealed outdoors for a clip to shoot for the show hosted by Milly Carlucci. Andrea Iannone brought Lucrezia Lando on a motorcycle. Not only the latest photos posted by the two, in particular on Andrea Iannone’s Instagram make the followers of the couple discuss, hoping for a love story.

The two embrace affectionately and perhaps the caption of the shot is no coincidence, it certainly refers to the work of the competitor of Dancing but perhaps also evokes the good moments spent on a motorcycle with the dancer. Meanwhile, in a recent interview with Fanpage, Andrea Iannone had defined Lucrezia Lando a good girl and their relationship as a driver and athletic trainer.

In the 4th December episode of Dancing with the Stars, Andrea Iannone denied, however, that there is a relationship with Lucrezia Lando. The pilot said no kiss, underlining that if one day it should happen it will be because it is heard and not to fill the newspapers.

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