“Charles and Harry talk again, but the heir to the throne is wounded”

“Charles and Harry talk again, but the heir to the throne is wounded”
“Charles and Harry talk again, but the heir to the throne is wounded”

The resignation of Harry e Meghan from their role as senior members, the farewell to the royal family and the subsequent transfer overseas would have hurt Prince Charles, prompting him to cut off the dialogue with his son, locking himself up in stubborn silence. Furthermore, the heir to the throne and his second son have not been seen since Prince Philip’s funeral, which took place 8 months ago. Immediately after the funeral they had the opportunity to speak privately, but the interview would have ended in a stalemate. However, according to an insider, something is changing in the relationship between Harry and his father. Perhaps the cold that fell between the two is slowly melting, but the disappointment of the Prince of Wales could still compromise any attempt at reconciliation.

“They are not roses and flowers”

An insider told Page Six: “[Carlo e Harry] they started talking to each other again. Carlo was deeply hurt when Harry and Meghan Markle made it known that they would say goodbye to the royal family and move abroad ”. The source added: “[Harry e il padre] they haven’t talked to each other for a long time. But now the communication channels are open again ”. This, however, does not mean that all problems have been fixed in the blink of an eye. The insider specified: “I don’t think it’s all plain sailing. It’s not like they sit on the phone once a week for a heart-to-heart conversation. ”

In short, it takes time for Harry and Carlo to find each other. It is impossible to pretend that there are no disagreements and tensions on both sides. Last September expert Nick Bullen said: “The Prince of Wales is very sad about everything that has happened. He wants to reunite the family and meet his fifth granddaughter, Lilibet Diana ”. It seemed that a meeting and, why not, a reconciliation between the Sussex and the Windsors was possible for next Christmas, instead Harry and Meghan have already made it known that they will not be in Sandringham with the Queen Elizabeth.

Lack of confidence

In fact the misunderstandings between the Prince Charles and Prince Harry would have started long before the Megxit (indeed, Sussexit, since Harry judged “sexist” the term Megxit). Last May, in the documentary The Me You Can’t See, the Duke of Sussex has revealed all his grief, never elaborated, for the death of Lady Diana. He confessed to the use of alcohol and drugs, a nefarious way to get stunned and not feel the pain, that he hit rock bottom, but he also claimed that he never received help from his family. In particular, Harry dwelt on the alleged indifference shown by Prince Charles who, in response to his son’s problems, would have been able to say only: “It was like that for me, so it will be like that for you too”.

The farewell of the Sussexes would have complicated the already non-idyllic relations between father and son. During the interview with Oprah Winfrey last March, the principe Harry has explained: “He stopped taking my calls. We feel only by email, he asked me to put everything in writing… I feel disappointed, because he has been through something very similar… he knows what pain is… but at the same time I will love him forever ”. Apparently Prince Charles would no longer trust his son. His worst fear would be seeing their conversations distorted and slammed on the front page. For this reason he would have asked Harry to email his plans.

Now the heir to the throne is also accused of racism towards little Archie. Christopher Andersen’s book, “Brothers and Wives: Inside The Private Lives Of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan”, tells that it was the Prince of Wales who made the alleged discriminatory comments about his nephew’s skin color. Clarence House sent the allegations back to the sender with a terse comment: “This is fictional and deserves no further comment.” I Sussex they did not reply, perhaps in order not to fuel the controversy. In fact, a source, cited by Page Six, told The Post: “I think that on both sides of the Atlantic the family agrees not to give oxygen to this book.” Who knows if Windsor and Sussex will one day find an agreement on the issues that have so far divided them.

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