“It seems strange to me too”: Can Yaman’s book goes beyond Italy

“It seems strange to me too”: Can Yaman’s book goes beyond Italy
“It seems strange to me too”: Can Yaman’s book goes beyond Italy
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03 December 21 / Written by: Sandy Sciuto

Fans all over the world will rejoice because Can Yaman’s book “Seems Strange To Me” is also available in other states

In order of time, “It seems strange to me too ”is the new project by Can Yaman.

The Turkish actor tells about himself in an autobiography. For the first time he lets the boy, the teenager, the man and the actor Yaman get to know through his words.

The book was immediately well received by the charts and in its first week it is in the charts with books by the writer by profession. For the purpose of the sale, two were made editions. Not only the classic one, but that too special. The latter also has a sample of Can Yaman Mania perfume.

In addition to being available for purchase in physical and digital stores, the book is also present on Amazon.it.

If at the beginning it was only salable in Italy, now its purchase is also possible in other parts not only of Europe but also of the world.

The Turkish actor, in fact, is known globally. His fans can’t wait to have and support each of his projects. From film to entrepreneurial and publishing activities, the fans of the Turkish actor always try to support him.


Consequently, Can Yaman always tries to show gratitude and to be able to ensure that everything he does reaches as many fans as possible.

About that, “It seems strange to me too “ can now be ordered on Amazon, even from countries such as Mexico, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile, United States of America, Romania, Argentina and Russia.

A wonderful news for those who want to read the autobiography of the actor who lays bare among anecdotes, memories and dreams for the future.

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