“Matterhorn. The legendary mountain”, the new book by Hervé Barmasse

If you don’t know which book to give this Christmas, Hervé Barmasse will take care of getting you out of the way by releasing his latest literary effort, “Matterhorn. The legendary mountain “ (published by Mondadori Electa in the Rizzoli Illustrati series).

The cover of the book

Foto @ Hervé Barmasse

Foto @ Hervé Barmasse

The promise is to lead the reader to discover every side of the Great Becca, from the most hidden and wild, to the most popular, thanks also to beautiful photographs. We will retrace the main stages of the history of the mountains, from romantic mountaineering to competitive-sporting. Without forgetting the characters who have revolved around the Matterhorn and who have contributed to its fame in the world.

Testing yourself means having courage, daring but at the same time knowing how to give up and, when needed, give everything without saving. It is by following this philosophy that I go to the mountains. And it all started on the Matterhorn, where, ascent after ascent, I explored my abilities, setting myself new, more difficult and demanding goals each time, looking for what in mountaineering jargon is called ‘engagement’. Just like my ancestors did, who approached the Gran Becca to try to reach the top when the Matterhorn was still unexplored land”Says Barmasse.


Mountaineer, writer, film maker, Hervé Barmasse was born and raised in Valtournanche by a historic family of mountain guides. He traveled from Pakistan to Patagonia, from Nepal to Tibet pursuing his great passion: the mountains, and proving himself to be the natural heir of classical mountaineers, such as Bonatti and Messner. This “definitive” book on the Matterhorn is not a book about a mountain, but about the mountain. A climb that, through a very rich iconographic apparatus, will bring each of us, in his own way, to the top. In the pages of this volume, the author traces the main stages of mountaineering – a romantic and at the same time competitive activity – which, on the Matterhorn, underwent its most important transformation: from scientific mountaineering to sports mountaineering. After many years, we will reread its history, we will meet the characters who made this mountain famous in the world, the legends, the anecdotes, the memorable feats and we will bring to the attention of the general public the Matterhorn that no one knows yet. Even the most “pop” one.


publisher: Mondadori Electa
Necklace: Rizzoli Illustrati
Pages: 334
Cost: 29.90

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