the actor takes home another major victory

the actor takes home another major victory
the actor takes home another major victory

Time ago Johnny depp is in the difficult position of having her job penalized due to ongoing divorce proceedings from Amber Heard. Since there are also accusations of domestic violence, the situation is not easy to resolve; although there has not yet been a definitive sentence, the actor has had to face a real job crisis, which has endangered the projects in which he was able to participate.

In particular, Depp has recently worked on a rather demanding film, The Minamata case – true story of a photojournalist who rediscovers the charm of his work thanks to an investigation into the mercury poisoning of the inhabitants of Minamata by a well-known company in the country. A project of a certain weight for which both the actor and the director – Andrew Levitas – they spent a lot of time and energy. The whole process, however, was jeopardized due to the personal events of Johnny Depp and for months MGM, which holds the exploitation rights, did not announce theatrical distribution on US soil. In a recent interview for The Sunday Times, the actor commented on the difficult situation:

«We looked those people in the eye and promised to respect their story, not to exploit it. I am sure I have kept my promise, but whoever comes after me should have done so too. Certain films touch the public, as in the case of Minamata and those who may have experienced a similar situation in their life. All this to see Hollywood boycott me? A man in a difficult situation, after all the work of these years? But I’m making sure to bring all of this to light.»

Fortunately, however, everything turned out for the best and thanks to Samuel Goldwyn Films and Iervolino and Lady Bacardi Entertainment; The Minamata case in fact, it will finally be screened in theaters starting from December 15th. We remind you, however, that the date refers only to US distribution, since in Italy the film premiered on Sky – which also shared the trailer of the film (you can find it at the bottom of the article) – and on November 3 in the home video version.

Source: Deadline

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actor takes home major victory

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