the detachment of Eda and Serkan

Anticipazioni Love is in the air next episode Monday 6 December. Eda and Serkan have to experience an important separation in order not to suffer anymore.

Eda lontana da Serkan

Eda and Serkan they immediately started to make sparks again. Two characters at times opposite, which collide in a heated way. The years that have divided them have not changed who they are and their relationship. But it all started all over again. There is no more love between the two, only the desire not to see each other anymore. Yet Serkan has returned to the hotel where Eda is working to see her and “Try again”: try again to speak as mature people, not try to be together again. The bond between them is invisible and cannot be broken. For the umpteenth time the two are facing each other.

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Anticipazioni Love is in the air: episode 6 December

Sigla Love is in the air

Eda’s secret she is his daughter Kiraz, born of love with Serkan but of whom Bolat knows nothing. Piril has maintained friendly relations with Yildiz and will help her hide everything from the chief architect of Art Life. The two women will also be able to count on the support of Engin and Melo: all are on Eda’s side in this difficult situation to face. The group will help the couple a find a balance, recommending them a healthy one posting not to fall back into the vortex of their relationship.

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Meanwhile, Mrs. Aydan comes to terms with her love affair with Kemal, kept under wraps for the past five years. Serkan is unaware of the relationship that his mother has, who does not know how to tell him. Kemal can’t take it anymore: just hide! The man has left Aydan’s house and has now reached Sile’s hotel to finally do what she does not want: to tell Serkan the truth. Ms. Aydan, accompanied by Seyfi, will try to stop him.

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