Il Volo hosts the Sanremo 2022 Festival: the unexpected news

The musical trio loved by the public will conduct an evening of the Sanremo Festival. The news that all the fans were waiting for!

Sanremo, Ariston theater (Getty Images)

Gianluca Ginoble, Piero Barone e Ignazio Boschetto they have something new in store for the fans ready to surprise them. Who would have thought that the most beloved musical trio by the public would have dressed the role of conductors, temporarily undressing those of singers?

And above all who would have thought of seeing them conducting the “Sanremo Festival” which consecrated them in 2015 with the song that became an international success “Great love”.

In that year to have chosen them as competitors of the singing festival was the conductor and artistic director Carlo Conti. The trio finished in first place, ahead of Nek with “Come on love” e Malika Ayane with “Now and here (nostalgic present)”.

Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero return, therefore, to the Ariston stage at the helm of an evening of “Sanremo Festival”. But let’s find out more about the details of this surprising novelty.

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Il Volo hosts the Sanremo Festival

Il Volo (Getty Images)

Il Volo will host the most famous Festival in Italy. In fact, they will be the ones to inaugurate the singing festival on January 28th with an evening dedicated to Sanremo.

“If we tell the Festival”, this will be the title of the transmission that Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone will present two days before the official start of the singing festival.

It will be a way to celebrate the last 20 years of the Festival before that Amadeus will open the 72nd edition which will start on 1 February 2022.

There are many guests that Il volo will welcome on the Ariston stage: from Pippo Baudo to the tenant Carlo Conti, gives Paolo Bonolis a Gianni Morandi, gives Antonella Clerici a Giorgio Panariello and not only.

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Amadeus (Getty Images)

We just have to wait if the indiscretion came from ‘Blogo tv’ is real but it would seem little that only official confirmation is missing.

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