Hi Darwin, the most loved valley has become a mother: fans crazy with joy

Hi Darwin, historic Mediaset program, has had beautiful women like Vallette but one in particular has remained in the hearts of the fans. The gorgeous woman has announced that she has become a mother, sending fans into a tailspin.

Hi Darwin-Altranotizia

Hi Darwin it’s always been loved by the public for the sympathy of the conductors Bonolis and Laurenti and also for the fun dynamics that were created between the various challenges and squabbles between the participants. Let’s face it the program has always had beautiful girls come vallette and certainly this also contributed to an optimal result! A ex beloved valley from the public has just announced that she has become mother. Who are we talking about?

Hi Darwin, ex valetta has become a mother

Hi Darwin had a little valley that remained in heart of the Italians who, for this reason, have continued to follow her on social channels. The beautiful former valley of the well-known program of Channel 5 is Gracia De Torres, a beautiful Spaniard who joined the conductors in the 8th edition of the beloved Mediaset format. Let’s retrace the history of the former shipwrecked woman together.

Grace De Torres was born in Almeria, her life was based on sport where he had achieved excellent results such as volleyball player but at some point she had to stop for the breaking of the crusader.

After the injury she began her career as a model and presenter and then worked all over the world. De Torres landed in Italy and joined the cast ofIsland of the Famous where it has been in the spotlight for the weight lost during the reality show as it had come to weigh only 40 kg.

The showgirl said she had various problems after leaving the island and specified that for some time she no longer had her things but that the experience was still crazy. After this experience she landed in Hi DarwinIn addition to fame, Italy has brought her the love of life. Who is it about?

The happy ending story of Gracia

The De Torres found in Daniele Sandri the love of his life and in 2018 he is married secretly. The couple has always shown everyday life on social media and the girl has expressed more than once a trouble that she really cared about.

Her dream has always been to form a family but unfortunately, as she herself has stated several times, she could not make it happen. But finally a July 2021 told fans the pregnancy with these words: “I can only tell you that it has been a long and difficult 3 years for us“And continued: “And today I can say that sometimes when you want something so badly, miracles happen.”

The couple shared the moments of pregnancy with fans until the last happy announcement: “I never dreamed of anything so perfect“. The couple gave birth to two beautiful twins, a boy and a girl and finally realized the dream of a lifetime.

I fan they went in tilt with joy after the news and congratulated the couple who so desired this moment.

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