Big Brother Vip, 3 want to leave the house immediately: it is red alert

Bad news for the conductor Alfonso Signorini and the authors of Big Brother Vip: three competitors are ready to leave the game.

The conductor Alfonso Signorini (screenshot GF VIP)

The final of this new edition of the reality show, initially scheduled for December 13, has been moved to the month of March of the 2022. An official communication that the cast of the program has not yet arrived but the situation is now clear to everyone.

In yesterday’s episode, new competitors arrived whose number, instead of decreasing, continues to increase. This novelty has inevitably led to the gieffini to already imagine the extension but three of them have already made it clear that they will abandon the house and the game.

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Particularly, Carmen Russo, Francesca Cipriani e Manila Nazzaro they seem to be ready to leave the reality show. Their intention is to see their respective families and spend Christmas with their children and companions: the three women took stock of the situation in a confrontation.

Big Brother Vip, the announcement of Carmen, Manila and Francesca worries Signorini

Il cast del GF Vip 6 (screenshot)

At home everyone is sure of the extension of the program even if Gentlemen has not yet made any official announcements to them. The gieffins, however, have already begun to think about what to do or whether to accept to go on or to abandon the game. Whoever seems sure they want to leave is Carmen Russo who revealed to her companions: That’s enough for me, I’m almost sure. I cannot leave him (Enzo Paolo, ed) and the child alone again. I want to spend Christmas with the two of them. Then I no longer even have the enthusiasm of dynamics.

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The dancer was echoed by two other members of the starting cast of the GF VIP and it comes to Francesca Cipriani e Manila Nazzaro. The first stressed: I am happy to have done these three months but I am not as enthusiastic as before. I want to understand when it will end, they have to give me a date. Friday they will necessarily say, we are close to 13 ″. L’from Miss Italy instead he clarified: I have Lorenzo and like you I’m tired too. We are tired of shifts in the kitchen, of this stuff “.

From the words of the three women it therefore seems clear that their intention is to leave the program no later than the date set by their contract. Surely they will have the opportunity to deal with Alfonso Signorini who will try to convince them to accept the extension. This is also because their farewell would be a major loss for the authors who would have to resume the auditions.


Big Brother Vip leave house immediately red alert

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