Sassari, The Man of Trees di Tore Manca arriva al cinema

The Man of Trees a Sassari.

Continue the path of “The Man of Trees”, The suggestive and original cinematographic and environmental project, written and directed by the director Tore Manca for the production mater-ia and freely inspired by the story of Jean GionoThe man who planted trees“, that Wednesday 1 e Monday 6 December, will be presented to Sassari al Modern Cityplex.

At the screenings, organized by Meridiano Zero company for the third edition of the film review “Parallel Visions”, will be present on Sassari director Tore Manca and the interpreters: the Ossese from Giave Bruno Petretto, the templesi Daniela Tamponi e Matilda Deidda and the Ploaghese Giovanni Salis. The film was conceived and made in addition two years of work all over the island, in a self-produced and independent form, without the ambition of wanting, but only of being, with the aim of raising awareness and awakening the love for mistreated and abused nature, in particular that of Sardinia, wounded by fires and building speculations, residues of industry and military servitude, through a 360 ° artistic research born from the desire to do coexist with different languages ​​including poetry, cinema, painting, dance and music.

The film is a dreamlike metaphor of Life, it faces the complicated relationship between man, environment and technology, anticipating, before the pandemic, the reflections and needs that emerged in this period of great uncertainty and concern, and does so through a story and a simple and humble gesture, but precisely for this illuminating and subversive, like that of planting a seed and taking care and attention of a tree, without excluding the next.

The visual artwork, presented at the Solaris Film Festival in Nice and at the Nivola Museum in Orani, was awarded several Italian and European awards, including: “Best Narrative Film” at the London Eco Film Festival in London, “Best Narrative Film” at the Lazio Green Film Festival in Sezze and “Golden Earth” at the GeoFilm Festival in Cittadella. For information and reservations [email protected] or on the cinema site.


Jean ha a cosmic and visceral link with nature, the call to it as the source of life. His is a gesture of love towards the nature exploited, raped and withered by “civilized” man; it is to her that the protagonist dedicates an entire existence with humility and transport. Consumerism, comfort and materialism extinguish the love of life by replacing it as a bargaining chip.

Our human condition is hopeless, we are become unable to communicate directly, to freely express our emotions, we have nothing to do but wait for death in the longing for well-being. Jean no: Jean, guided by his inspiring muse, without selfishness and expectations, plants Oak seeds, acorns, trees… where before there was nothing, only for love.

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