The Marini-Urtis couple is an official competitor of #GFVIP – Big Brother VIP

A GFVIP the surprises never end: for the VIPs it’s time to make room for a new exuberant entrance!

It is not the first time that Valeria Marini has crossed the Porta Rossa. After having already participated in several editions of the program, the showgirl is ready to test herself again in the most spied on house in Italy: “For me it means doing a rewind. Entering that door for me is like being reborn ” comments Valeria, dressed in red and ready to join the already formed group.

The showgirl has had the opportunity to observe her future roommates from the outside and only one thing is certain: her favorite is Manuel; “I really like Manuel. It is an example of life force, it is always so sweet and it has a great poetry inside ” he says explaining the reasons for his preference. On the contrary, he cannot express himself negatively about anyone before he can get to know them in person.

Valeria is ready to bring a breath of energy and light-heartedness into the House: how will she be welcomed by her companions?

Valeria is finally ready to enter the House where, before meeting all the others, she will come face to face with an old acquaintance with whom she still has some unfinished business: Francesca Cipriani!

Valeria’s is not the only return of this GFVIP: another competitor already known to the public of the program is ready to make his entrance into the House and bring his joy to the already formed group of VIPs.

It’s about him: the one and only “VIP surgeon” Giacomo Urtis that only last year crossed the Red Door for the first time and today is ready to do it again and to get involved once again!

While all of his future roommates are stationary due to a Freeze, Giacomo finally enters the House: “Welcome back!” he says as he watches the House and its new companions. Finally it is Stop Freeze and, in the general euphoria, Giacomo is warmly welcomed by everyone and, in particular, by Francesca.

The surprises are not over and Alfonso announces important news: “The GF couldn’t make Giacomo and Valeria’s return easy. The two of them will participate in the Big Brother VIP as a single competitor! ”.

The Marini-Urtis duo is ready to wreak havoc in the House and only one thing is certain: we will see some good ones! Have a good adventure!


MariniUrtis couple official competitor GFVIP Big Brother VIP

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