Farewell to one of the most loved bands

The news of the farewell to one of the most loved bands is going around the world. Here are all the details on what’s going on.

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The news of thegoodbye to one of the most loved bands ever of the world rock scene. Fans as soon as they found out they didn’t want to believe it, since the musicians had just announced a new tour. It will obviously be theirs latest series of live concerts. In fact, after more than forty years of incessant activity, it has arrived time to throw in the towel. We are talking about a group that greatly influenced moods and taste of the so-called “alternative” people, but it also gained some commercial resonance.

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Formed in Sydney under the initial name of “The Farm”, their career took off especially at the turn of the eighties and nineties. Around that time they launched a dozen of records who immediately brought them to general attention. That’s why the announcement is so stirring a stir not only among longtime fans but also among the youngest. They initially oriented their work towards search for new and experimental sounds. The great fame they achieved then pushed them to adapt to a more pop and catchy style. Nothing foreshadowed such a clear-cut and irrevocable decision, but unfortunately their story now really seems to end here.

Farewell to one of the most popular bands: now nothing will be the same again

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“Head Injuries”, “Diesel And Dust”, “Blue Sky Mining” e “Red Sails In The Sunset”: are just some of the titles of theirs major studio albums. From each of them they were extracted many hits, which was worth them a slew of prizes especially by virtue of a certain political and social commitment. That’s why the news of the abandonment hurts even more.

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The group was born when singer Pete Garrett, a college student at the time in Canberra, he replied to a advertisement in a newspaper. The rest is the story of the legendary Midnight Oil, one of the most loved Australian bands that made entire generations dream. On its Instagram profile, the band has released an official statement, with which it announces verbatim: ” We have always approached each tour as if it were the last, this time it will be for real“. In return the many fans will be able to enjoy them live at least one last time: the farewell tour, in fact, which will start on 23 January 2022 and will end on 13 May, promises to be really crackling.


Farewell loved bands

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