Katia has her say on the bond between Alex and Soleil – Big Brother VIP

The episode is approaching and, as usual, Katia relies on the hands of Soleil for makeup.

In the orange room, the singer does not hesitate to tell her about the relationship that has been established between the influencer and Alex who is there with them. “I’m sorry for your wife” says the singer ad Alex, making it clear that in the two VIPs she sees a beautiful understanding and, for this reason, she would like Alex and Soleil to never go away.

“Don’t you like the condition Soleil and I are in?” asks the actor, trying to understand the point of view of the VIP. “Of course, I would like even more” counteracts Katia who, without hesitation, clearly says that she would like the two to never get lost. Katia also makes a comparison with what for her is friendship and what is actually love, underlining that, from her point of view, such a strong understanding has never been able to find her between friends.

“I like your understanding” concludes the singer who, appreciating very much what binds the two, hopes that a special friendship is being born between them that does not upset anyone’s balance but, if not, she hopes that Alex and Soleil will not throw away what has been created.


Katia bond Alex Soleil Big Brother VIP

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