Pirelli calendar, here are the photos of Bryan Adams for The Cal of 2022 – Corriere.it

Pirelli calendar, here are the photos of Bryan Adams for The Cal of 2022 – Corriere.it
Pirelli calendar, here are the photos of Bryan Adams for The Cal of 2022 – Corriere.it
from Michela Proietti

The images of the 48th Pirelli Calendar have been unveiled. Bryan Adams himself, author of the photos and struck by Covid 19, presented them during a digital event. Among the photographed stars Cher, Grimes, Jennifer Hudson, Normani, Rita Ora, Bohan Phoenix, Iggy Pop, St. Vincent and Kali Uchis and Saweetie

The case of a vinyl LP that has not a record inside, but the Pirelli Calendar 2022. Is called On the Road and it is the new The Cal, signed this time by Bryan Adams, the musician author of legendary songs, just like the calendar he is going to sign. “On the road is where I’ve been for the last 45 years, because a musician’s life is made up of travel, waiting in hotels, hours behind the scenes,” he explains. the Canadian artist who shot the 48th edition of The Cal, between Los Angeles and Capri. A celebration of the artist’s life and of the music of the 60s, which is enriched with an even greater meaning, because it marks the return after the suspension due to the Covid-19 emergency. A return only partially marred by the news that the same Bryan Adams tested positive for Coronavirus after the swab made to travel from New York to Milan: the singer is fine, however, and just yesterday he presented his work to the press through a digital event visible to all from 9 pm (Italian time) of 29 November on www.pirelli.com.

Among the muses of the new calendar there are only «talented women» and no concession to the nude, “Because we no longer need it and it is no longer admissible,” as Bryan Adams himself said in an interview with Corriere last July
. For those like him who have known the most fascinating women of our time, from Lady Diana to Kate Moss, aesthetics are connected to talent: you cannot shine without a light inside. «For me it is beautiful who is emotionally connected to one’s commitment. Artists, for example. I will never confuse the beauty with the surface ». Thus were born, in the city streets of LA, the Palace Theater, the Chateau Marmont hotel (“a rock’n’roll hotel”) and finally on the island of Capri – at the Hotel La Scalinatella – the portraits of artists of various ages and backgrounds, from Cher, Grimes, Jennifer Hudson, Normani, Rita Ora, Bohan Phoenix, Iggy Pop, St. Vincent e Kali Uchis e Saweetie, the latter portrayed in Italy.

The artist, who for over twenty years has combined photography with his great musical successes, has immortalized the life of the artists on tour with the shots of “On The Road”. A theme that also returns in the song of the same name – “On The Road” – that the Canadian musician wrote for the Calendar and which will be included in his next album. On the set of the Calendar, the musicians relived all the moments of their tours: from the tension before the performance to the pauses between rehearsals and concerts, from long journeys from one city to another to solitude in a hotel room. Experiences lived by Bryan Adams himself who, for the first time in the history of the Calendar, is not only a photographer, but also part of the cast.

Over 160 pages and more than 70 shots, between portraits and stills: from waking up in the hotel in St. Vincent (whose face also appears on the cover of the volume), to the day of break by the pool by Kali Uchis, from checking out towards another trip by Saweetie to the backstage of Cher , from Normani’s rest before sound rehearsals to Jennifer Hudson’s arrival at the theater, from the moments before Iggy Pop’s show (also immortalized on the back cover) to Grimes inside the recording studio, from Bohan Phoenix returning in the hotel after her performance to Rita Ora after the show. «It would be really difficult to summarize everything that happens on the road with a few days’ work. What I tried to do was therefore to represent some aspects of it … for example, we musicians never really see the facade of the building, but always only the back: we see the artists ‘entrance, we see the backstage area, we see the basement … we pass from the artists’ entrance to the car door to that of the hotel to that of the train and then the bus. A lot of doors, then, but it’s always about travel, ”explained Bryan Adams.

Great appreciation for the new calendar also by Marco Tronchetti Provera, Executive Vice President and CEO of Pirelli. “I’ve known and appreciated Bryan for years. His idea of combine the world of music with that of the road and travel it seemed perfect for a calendar that returns as we seek a gradual recovery of normality after the outbreak of the pandemic. A calendar that will mark a year, 2022, which is particularly important for us since it coincides with the 150th anniversary of Pirelli’s life ».

At the same time as the presentation of the Pirelli calendar of 2022, it was aAlso unveiled the logo that will accompany the Bicocca next year, to celebrate the first 150 years of its history. The origin of Pirelli’s business dates back to 1872, the year in which Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded in Milan the company dedicated to the manufacture of articles in elastic rubber. «Pirelli turns 150 and they are only the first. I believe that this success was possible thanks to the desire for the future and the intention to remain anchored to one’s roots, but knowing that they are also a commitment and a duty towards others. The desire to innovate, curiosity and appreciation for technology and human creativity in this adventure that is life: all of this is Pirelli “explains Marco Tronchetti Provera, during the presentation of the calendar with the shots of Brian Adams . Born in 1872, Pirelli from 1964 to today – including “On the Road” – has publishedo 48 editions of the Pirelli Calendar, made by 38 photographers. The background, the images of the shooting, the presentation recording, the stories and the characters of the Pirelli 2022 Calendar can be discovered on the website www.pirellicalendar.com, which allows you to explore the history of The Cal ™ with videos, interviews, photographs and texts unpublished.

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