“So are you gay?” And the massacre starts – Time

“So are you gay?” And the massacre starts – Time
“So are you gay?” And the massacre starts – Time

Giada Oricchio

November 29, 2021

Mara Venier e Federico Fashion Style: moments of embarrassment at “Sunday In”And the people of the web wand the presenter. What happened? During the segment dedicated to “Dancing with the Stars”, the Rai1 dancing show, Venier had guests the competitor Federico Fashion Style and the juror Guillermo Mariotto. On Friday night, the entrepreneur performed a rumba covered with ostrich feathers that wowed the audience, but often attention was drawn to his attitudes that according to the jury would hide an “unspoken” about sexuality. And so yesterday Mara Venier went straight to the point: “So they think you’re gay?”.

The hair stylist replied calmly: “But do you think that because someone puts sequins does it mean that he is gay?”. Concept already expressed above. Moments of disorientation in the studio, then Guillermo Mariotto thought about getting out of the impasse: “Mara, would you like to ask me the same question? Do you want me to come out now? ” and the presenter: “Of course I want to know!”. With the usual sardonic smile and a lot of self-irony, the designer said: “And from mo ‘! Was there any need to say it? I thank God every day for who I am ”. However, Venier’s point-blank question (and without malice) was not liked by the social networks who found it inappropriate and indelicate: “Shameful”, “But will it be his cabbage, yes or no?”, “The presenter insinuates, Federico is too much kind, I would blur, I find this attitude towards him strongly discriminatory “.

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