Hearts, Rai / Direct fiction and previews of the last episode: transplant ok for Cesare!

Hearts, Rai / Direct fiction and previews of the last episode: transplant ok for Cesare!
Hearts, Rai / Direct fiction and previews of the last episode: transplant ok for Cesare!

Yesterday the last episode of “Hearts” closed with a new seasonal record of 20.13% share with 4,340,000 viewers, once again the most popular proposal of the evening. In particular, the first episode scored 18.8% and the second episode 21.73%. The average stay of the two final episodes yesterday is 69.2% (seasonal record). The episode reached peaks of 4.6 million viewers and a 24.4% share. The overall average of the fiction is close to 4 million viewers with an 18.84% share. The program was the most popular proposal of prime time in all eight evenings. It is worth noting the excellent data on the female audience where the average share is 23.5% (the average is close to 20% among women 15-24 years old). Among the public in Southern Italy, the average share is 24.7%

Hearts, live last episode of the Rai fiction: live commentary

Cesare Corvara is safe. The artificial heart transplant was successful and it was Alberto and Delia who saved him. Pathos, twists, dramas, betrayals: this season finale offers one emotion after another. Ferruccio tries to convince Serenella not to have an abortion but reiterating anyway: “I don’t know what it is about marriage. I do a bit of a kind of father “. At this point the nurse freezes him: “Ferruccio, go to hell!”. Agata, on the other hand, leaves: resignation and flight from Turin with her son. The first season of Hearts ends with Alberto and Delia united near the hospital bed of Cesare and Karen touching her belly in front of the mirror, suggesting that she may have become pregnant. At this point the second season seems almost safe (adj. By FD Zaza).

Heartbreak for Caesar

Endless twists and turns in this latest episode of Hearts. Cesare opens that very package arrived from Houston for Delia and inside he finds an essay, signed with a dedication: “Dear Delia, I’m proud of you, I love you, Alberto”. Heartbreak arrives this time and Virginia finds him lifeless on the floor. Time is running out but luckily a donor is found: a 20-year-old girl from Milan, who has just died. The organ may be too small but you have to try. Moscow therefore goes to Niguarda to recover the exploded heart but another vicissitude arrives: the girl’s mother refuses the explant. Alberto tries a very difficult partial transplant trying to replace only the aorta affected by the aneurysm. It is a race against time. During the operation Delia proposes the installation of the artificial heart. The tension rises (adj. By FD Zaza).

Moscow takes the place of Corvara

The sweet Karen takes more and more care of her nephew and Alberto’s feelings of guilt increase also because a few hours before there was a new, sudden kiss with Delia which subsequently culminated in a hug, which Fausto witnessed. However, the trainee the following day swears to Alberto that he has seen practically nothing. Less than an hour and there are already a dozen situations to be solved. And here’s another twist: with the help of Moscow, the new medical director (his father-in-law De Bellis) relieves Corvara from his post and puts his son-in-law into it. Radiant Moscow rejoins his wife and moves away from Agata. The engineer Riccardo meets again in the hospital: and if it were the artificial machine that replaced the transplant? In the meantime Cesare is very ill, a decision is urgently needed. Meanwhile, a mysterious box arrives from Houston for Delia. What’s in it? (adj. by FD Zaza).

Did Cesare find out everything?

The last episode of Hearts it is more and more intense and everything is going more and more badly. Luisa, interpreted very well by the actress Benedetta Cimatti, almost spits on Cesare: “as she betrayed me she is also betraying you”, she tells him referring to Alberto. The head physician leaves prematurely, still remaining unaware of his wife’s betrayal. In the meantime, Rosa turns out to be less candid but still in love: she goes directly to Virginia and attacks her for her closeness to Fausto. Meanwhile, Mosca discovers that Cesare will be the patient and begins to plot behind his back. Bad news comes from South Africa: Dr. Barnard failed the operation and his patient died. Meanwhile, Serenella is taken away from the dump in which she was about to have an abortion by Pellegrino, the gynecologist. Meanwhile, Cesare talking with Delia lets out a “You’re not good at lying, it’s convenient for me to believe you”. Has the head physician already understood that Delia is cheating on him with Alberto? (adj. by FD Zaza)

Serenella wants to have an abortion (clandestinely)

The team of doctors who will have to operate Corvara begins to try by carrying out a simulation. Alberto is very tense, even dropping the scalpel. Cesare encourages him: “I’m in the hands of the best heart surgeon I know, who is just going through a difficult time”. Meanwhile, the agony between the naive Rosa and the irresolute Fausto continues with him trying to avoid her in every way, climbing one lie after another, just to keep seeing Virginia. And Serenella? The nurse looks for a way to have an abortion and Pellegrino recommends a place where they carry out that type of operations: at the time there was not even the mirage of law 194. Meanwhile, Moscow’s wife announces to her spouse that her father, Dr. . De Bellis, will be the new medical director. The former chief surgeon does not seem interested, even when he is expected to return to his previous position (adj. By FD Zaza).

The first heart transplant in Le Molinette

The last episode of the Rai fiction has begun, Hearts. The title of the first episode is “Half hearts“. After a brief flashback showing Virginia (with the same haircut) a decade earlier when she learns of her mother’s death, Cesare promises her that he will always be there for her. Meanwhile Alberto caught off guard lets out a “let me explain” incredibly ignored by Cesare. In reality the topic is the conditions of the primary. Corvara wants the colleague to carry out the operation: “You are the only one able to transplant my heart, I only trust you”. And if something goes wrong: “I’d like you to take care of Delia and Virginia.” Meanwhile, Mosca confesses to his wife that he has fallen in love with Agata. Cesare, while hiding that he will be the patient, tells his colleagues that a heart transplant will be carried out in Le Molinette (adj. By FD Zaza).

Caesar at the end of his life

In a few minutes the last episode of Hearts. The Rai fiction comes to an end with two unmissable episodes. Hearts developed over 8 first evenings for a total of 16 episodes that became available on the RaiPlay streaming service. The series, a co-production of Rai Fiction and Aurora TV Banijay with the Rai Production Center in Turin and the support of the Film Commission Torino Piemonte, is directed by Riccardo Donna and stars Daniele Pecci, Matteo Martari and Pilar Fogliati as the three geniuses and ambitious doctors of the Molinette hospital in Turin. In this episode the center will focus on the health conditions of Cesare Corvara, head of the cardiology department. A new heart is urgently needed and Cesare wants Alberto Ferraris to implant it. Alberto, however, feels heavily guilty for the feelings he has for Delia. What will happen? (adj. by FD Zaza)

Hearts, previews of the last episode November 28 on Rai 1

On Sunday 28 November, in prime time, Rai 1 broadcasts the eighth and last episode of Hearts, fiction with Daniele Pecci, Pilar Fogliati and Matteo Martari, set in the late sixties at the Le Molinette hospital in Turin. It will be a finale full of emotions and twists like those that, in the previous seven episodes, have fascinated millions of people. Alongside the medical stories, viewers have grown fond of the story of Delia, a heart surgeon who, having returned from the United States to make her knowledge available to the cardiac surgery department of which her husband Cesare is the primary, not knowing that she would have to share whole days with Alberto, the great love of her life.

After taking a leap in time reliving the story she lived with Alberto and the pain felt for the alleged betrayal of the latter, Delia is unable to neglect her feelings and the flame of love with Alberto is rekindled. So what will happen during the last episode of Hearts? Will Delia choose Alberto or Cesare?

Hearts: Delia’s Crisis

In the first episode of the last episode of Hearts entitled “Half hearts“, Cesare’s health conditions are getting worse and worse. The head physician needs a new heart and wants Alberto to carry out the transplant. Alberto, however, is unable to be calm living with guilt both for what happened to Luisa and for the feelings he feels for Delia. Even the latter is unable to be calm in the presence of her husband. The strange attitude of Delia and Alberto arouses suspicion in Cesare who tries to self-confess that everything is due to his situation. When, however, he goes to visit Luisa, the latter reveals to him that Alberto has betrayed her and is now betraying him too.

In the second episode entitled “Until the last breath”, a new medical director, an ally of Moscow, arrives at the hospital. Although the Council is close to signing, however, Cesare has no intention of surrendering yet. However, the unpleasant surprises for Cesare are not over yet. Taking advantage of Delia’s absence, who stayed in hospital with Alberto to study the medical bulletins that arrived from South Africa, Cesare returns home where he decides to check the contents of a box from Houston. Inside the box he finds the truth he has pretended not to see for months.


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