Belen Rodriguez, betrayed with another woman of the show? Who is the beautiful

It is not a good period for Belen Rodriguez who has been in serious crisis with Antonino Spinalbese for some time. Now there is even talk of a betrayal, that’s what is really happening.

Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese -Political24 – (Source: Instagram)

Belen Rodriguez he does not talk about what he is experiencing, but it seems that he still looks at the Instagram profile of the father of his newborn daughter. Indeed, there is more, because the showgirl has also left a nice like of appreciation to one of the last shots shared on her social page. This small gesture was immediately seen by fans as a signal of a possible rapprochement between the two.

But in the meantime, with which woman would she be betrayed?

Belen Rodriguez and the dark shadow on her relationship

At this point it’s been weeks since Belen Rodriguez and hair stylist Antonino Spinalbese have been on the run. The situation would be so serious that the father of the showgirl’s second child would have left the Milanese apartment of the presenter. In fact, for some time now on social networks they have no longer post photos of them together or with the children.

To help her with the little ones remained the caring parents, mom Veronica Cozzani and dad Gustavo Rodriguez, as well as faithful friend Patrizia Griffini. In any case, the two have not expressed themselves publicly about the state of their relationship, preferring to be silent. This, however, gave the idea to many different theories with the fans who interpret and analyze each post of the showgirl.

The host of Argentine origin with breathtaking beauty she is not particularly lucky in love, previously had affairs with Marco Borriello, the very famous one with Fabrizio Corona and the equally famous one with the former Amici dancer Stefano De Martino with whom he had his first child. The latter then was rather turbulent, with back and forth, after which the woman seemed to have finally found serenity with the twenty-six year old.

With Spinalbese it seemed the great love, both seemed very passionate and in love with each other, but after a few months of the birth of their baby, problems arose and now there is an even more worrying shadow, that’s what it is.

Who is the mysterious woman

According to the latest rumors reported on Di Più Tv to cause the deep crisis between Belen Rodriguez and Antonino Spinalbese would have been a betrayal by the photographer who would have taken a crush on a girl who works backstage in the entertainment world.

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But nothing is known about her, not even her name and the whole thing is still surrounded by a lot of uncertainty.

(Source: Instagram)

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