“But the euro cent …”. Fazio Rosso of Embarrassment – Libero Quotidiano

“But the euro cent …”. Fazio Rosso of Embarrassment – Libero Quotidiano
“But the euro cent …”. Fazio Rosso of Embarrassment – Libero Quotidiano

Close encounters a What’s the weather like between Luciana Littizzetto e Christine Lagarde, president of the European Central Bank guest of honor of Fabio Fazio to Rai3. And of course, big embarrassments for Viale Mazzini. “We met with Lagarde in the dressing room, very nice a very strong woman! – the comedian from Turin explains a few minutes after the interview -. It looks like a lighthouse in the storm! Among other things, Lagarde’s dressing room is a marvel, let’s leave mine alone! “. Juice of the conversation?” 1, 2 and 5 cents. Hands clasped”.

Seriously, the Lagarde in the studio has married the appeal against the femicide who saw Littizzetto read a moving and very harsh letter to the State: “Parental leave must be available equally, school / university support must be provided for women … You must evaluate, measure things, if you don’t do it you can’t get any results “, explained the president of the ECB, heir to Mario Draghi all’Eurotower.

We then moved on to analyze the current situation: “In March 2020, when the pandemic exploded, that moment shook us all. It seriously affected our economy … At that point we decided to reaffirm the unconditional commitment in the service of the euro“So, the shadows on the long-awaited recovery prospect.” After the period of the pandemic, where everyone was at home, could not consume, there was a kind of ‘recovery question‘. Faced with this ‘rebound’ demand, there has been no parallel supply. I think theinflation these days is linked above all to a series of temporary phenomena, first of all, the most important, especially for Italy which suffers it the most, is the increase in energy prices“.

Of course, further health uncertainties also weigh, with the Omicron variant threatening on the horizon: “We are all interdependent, that is, if we are not all protected, all vaccinated, we will all be at risk. The second lesson we have learned from this pandemic is that we must put the man, the woman … even before the economy and finance. If all countries are able to set up a ‘response’ to the pandemic even in the poorest countries … If we can demonstrate it collectively, we will have done a small action, which however will be an example to show that we care more about the fate of man, We will not be protected until we are all vaccinated “

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