How the relationship between Patrizia Reggiani and her daughters has changed after the murder of Maurizio Gucci

How the relationship between Patrizia Reggiani and her daughters has changed after the murder of Maurizio Gucci
How the relationship between Patrizia Reggiani and her daughters has changed after the murder of Maurizio Gucci

They defended her with drawn sword: “It wasn’t her, her mother is a victim.” Then, Patrizia Reggiani gradually admitted her faults and relations broke off. Here’s how the relationship between and Alessandra and Allegra Gucci and Patrizia Reggiani has changed and is today after the murder of Maurizio Gucci.

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She always said it: the important thing was defend and protect daughters, Alessandra and Allegra today 40 years old, guaranteeing him a future and making sure that there was also in that future Maurizio Gucci, which after the request for separation from his wife was disinterested to the family. Patrizia Reggiani, condemned definitively for the role of principal in the murder of her ex-husband, she never made great efforts to hide her repellence from the man she had always loved. And of which, undoubtedly, he also adored the status quo.

The murder of Maurizio Gucci

The story is known and the new film House of Gucci with Lady Gaga as protagonist also tells it. Patrizia Reggiani marries Maurizio Gucci on October 28, 1973 in the church of Santo Sepolcro in Milan, in front of the central Milan police station, where twenty-four years later she was carried in handcuffs. The relationship lasted more than a decade, until in 1985 Gucci decided to leave her, starting from 1993 a relationship with Paola Franchi. In that year, Patrizia comes operated on for a brain tumor. Reggiani’s hatred of her husband worsens with the passage of time and the consequent lack of interest in the man towards his family, towards her and towards his daughters. So, after having asked everyone he met on the street, his acquaintances, the household servants and even the Salumaio di Monte Napoleone if anyone knew hitmen to kill the ex-husband, Patrizia Reggiani, with the help of the “sorceress” Giuseppina Auriemma, her historical confidant, hires three men. There “Beagle Boys”, as Auriemma would later call it, organized the murder of Maurizio Gucci which took place on March 27, 1995 in the hallway of his offices in via Palestro. After two years of unsuccessful investigations, which followed financial and international leads, the turning point: an anonymous phone call reports Reggiani’s role to the Prosecutor’s Office. She was the principal.

The defense of the daughters Alessandra and Allegra

The daughters, Alessandra and Allegra, immediately don’t want to know:

“Mom is innocent, we have no doubts. Mom is the only victim of this bad story. We are sure that the judges will understand that she is not guilty, that she is not the dark lady that evil prejudices have wanted to paint. Just look at her: it seems a chick. She is the only victim. “

They defend it with the sword because not only do I not want to believe the accusations but they are deeply convinced that Reggiani is victim of a conspiracy and a blackmail operated by the “sorceress”. In an episode of Rai’s Maledette Stories, made in April 2002 and dedicated to Patrizia Reggiani with an exclusive interview, Allegra Gucci said:

“If we had had the slightest doubt that mum was not innocent, or at any rate we knew that mum was really the instigator of what happened, we certainly would not have defended her as we are defending her now”.

The convictions

The judicial process continues up to the convictions. In the first instance, Patrizia Reggiani is sentenced to 29 years of imprisonment. The Court of Assizes of Appeal confirms the sentence, reducing the sentence to 26 years in prison. Finally, the Court of Cassation confirms, rejecting the defense appeal. Despite the three degrees of judgment, the daughters, once again, remain faithful to the line: it wasn’t her.

The first admissions of Patrizia Reggiani

But then, in some interviews on television and in the following years, they arrive the first admissions. Patrizia Reggiani suggests that she is the instigator of her husband’s murder, declaring that she found the killers after a long search. There, something breaks. The granite beliefs of the daughters begin to fall apart. Maybe it was her. It’s impossible to believe, but maybe mom had dad killed. The fears become reality at the successive admissions of guilt by Reggiani, who on several occasions will reiterate that she “had Maurizio killed because he annoyed me”.

The meeting in Switzerland and the one million annuity annuity

The definitive break between mother and daughters has now ended. Patrizia, released from San Vittore prison in 2014 (but to social services until 2016), which she renamed Victor Residence, where she spent 17 years of her life, must deal with her family because the Court of Appeal ruled that, despite the murder organized against Gucci, should receive the annuity of one million euros every year. This is because of the agreements signed with her ex-husband in 1993, once the separation has already taken place. The daughters, however, put up a strong resistance, deciding to negotiate with the woman to quickly close the matter. The appointment is in Switzerland, in October 2018: Allegra and Alessandra Gucci sit at the table with their lawyers and Patrizia Reggiani, with her parents. She expects the Creole ship a month a year and the villa of Sankt Moritz, as well as being able to attend her grandchildren. The daughters object and turn to the judges: to tell them they owe her nothing. The Court of Cassation will definitively establish in November 2020 that the Gucci sisters must pay their mother’s annuity: one million euros a year plus 26 million arrears never paid during Reggiani’s years of imprisonment. But until March of this year, one euro had not yet been paid. So much so that, according to what collected by, Patrizia Reggiani’s lawyer sent a warns Alessandra and Allegra Gucci saying to start paying the sums, because otherwise he would have been forced to start with the foreclosures.

The removal from Sankt Moritz and the silence during Covid

Allegra and Alessandra Gucci haven’t talked to Patrizia Reggiani for years. This is what they let a legal circles close to Gucci’s ex-wife. Indeed, as told in private places by Reggiani herself, towards the end of 2016 the woman would have asked her driver to accompany her to Sankt Moritz to spend time with her daughters but, once she arrived – according to the Reggiani version – her daughters ‘they would have ordered to leave the villa as soon as possible, even alerting the police as an unwelcome person. It is no coincidence that Patrizia Reggiani has included the request to spend time with her grandchildren in the negotiation with her daughters, as the same grandmother would have confided to the people close to her that she had never been able to know them. Finally, Covid. Even during the pandemic there were no contacts between the parties: no one made sure that the other was okay. The last indirect contact dates back to the death of Patrizia Reggiani’s mother. Alessandra and Allegra, not warned of the death of their grandmother, would have forwarded communication through the lawyers about their disappointment at the lack of notice. On the other hand, Reggiani’s defenders would have made it known that the now deceased grandmother would have said to not wanting them at your own funeral.

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