Art Night, omaggio a Marina Abramović

ROME – The episode of Art Night on Friday, November 26, conducted by Neri Marcorè at 9.15 pm on Rai 5, it is dedicated to Marina Abramović, the most famous performer in the world, who turns 75 on 30 November 2021.

The episode starts with a question: What is the relationship that artists – actors, painters, performers – have with the public?

During the evening it will be proposed “The Artist is Present” by Matthew Akers, the video testament presented at the Sundance Festival and awarded at the Berlinale 2012. A work that lays bare Abramović and her incessant research that for forty years has analyzed the emotions and mechanisms of the human being, between ethics and aesthetics. The documentary tells all the phases of what can be considered the most important stage in Marina Abramović’s life: the solo show at the MoMA in New York in 2010, the exhibition that elected her the “mother” of performing art.

An exhibition in which all his most important performances have been re-proposed by young artists who have prepared themselves following his stories, his experience and his story. The film allows you to retrace the stages of her history that led her, in 2010, to interpret her most difficult work: “The artist is present”, a three-month performance during which the artist stands motionless, in silence, sitting in front of a table for seven hours a day, to meet the gaze of the public, who, almost as in a solemn pagan ritual, approaches her slowly and he sits opposite her, for as long as he deems necessary.


Art Night omaggio Marina Abramović

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