between Delia and Alex is truce, five women in nomination

The episode begins with Jo Squillo who, wearing a hijab, appeals against violence against women. Then it’s time for Delia to enter the studio, ready to confront Alex. Then Alfonso connects with the house. Katia and Miriana, between which heavy words have flown, are invited to go to the Mystery. Miriana’s nomination literally made Ricciarelli angry and the soprano spared no epithets and insults for her. The comparison between the two does not seem particularly fruitful to the point that Signorini at a certain point interrupts the discussion and sends them back to the salon.

What is certain is that inside the House the companions have lined up: Soleil and Alex have attacked Miriana in no uncertain terms, accusing her of being false and traitor taking full defense of Katia. But even Manila and Davide did not understand the meaning of the nomination. The only one who has a distinctly different position is that of Sophie, who says that everyone gave weight to the nomination and not to the harsh words suffered by Miriana.

During the week, however, peace also arrived between the two, with the first step taken by Katia. After the clip that shows the moment Miriana approaches her and shakes her hands, moved.

THE TRIANGLE OF DISCORD – Alfonso summons Soleil to Mystery to talk about the “she-Alex-Delia” triangle. Some images are shown that bring together some of the topical moments that have seen protagonists Soleil and Alex. Kisses and hugs aside, strike some words spent by Belli, definitely heavy. Meanwhile, Delia watches the video and sighs deeply.

THE MEETING AT THE TOP – All the Vippos are invited to go to the bedroom while Alex remains alone in the living room. Signorini takes up the discussion on the triangle with him. It starts with the phrase “if I were single, something could be born with Soleil”. He reiterates that he could, but since “he is not single”, nothing will be born. To add fuel to the fire Alfonso sends a video showing a very “intense” massage done by Alex to Soleil. He calls it a “selfless” gesture. Then the freeze goes off and Delia enters. She tells all her doubts and suffering to Alex. After the freeze he approaches, hugs her and tries to reassure her but she insists on telling him that she doesn’t want him to exchange certain effusions. In the end, Delia seems to calm down even though Alex doesn’t actually take a step back from her position. Soleil also arrives and exchanges a hug with Delia. All is well that ends well. At the moment.

GIUCAS FLIRTS – It’s Casella’s time. Alfonso invites him together with Katia in Mystery to browse his palmares from Don Giovanni: Katia, Iva Zanicchi, Amanda Lear, Orietta Berti. There would also be that homosexual experience he had in his youth. But above all Patrizia De Blanck. The name came up by chance during a game with Manila in the confessional. Alfonso asks him for confirmation, he says they have had a “date”.

THE MOMENT OF THE VERDICT – For the nominated “four queens of the house” it’s time to find out the audience’s decision. All four greet the comrades they might not see again and stand with their backs to the LED but Alfonso tells them to leave the House and go to the studio to find out the verdict.

THE CYCLONE PATRIZIA PELLEGRINO – Having entered the house a few days ago, Patrizia immediately “made herself loved” by stepping on more than one foot … voluntarily or not. Katia called her “very present and intrusive”, with Alex there were discussions.

THE RESULT OF THE TELEVOTO – The four nominated come to the studio. Sophie enters first followed by Miriana, Katia and Carmen. Alfonso questions them about their experience in the House and they all say they are enthusiastic and would all like to stay. In reality it will always be like this: none will be eliminated, but they don’t know it yet. Signorini begins to read the name of the first who can re-enter, which is Katia. The second “save” is Sophie. This is how Carmen and Miriana remain. Signorini says that the Vippo saves is Carmen. For Miriana it would be the second time to be eliminated. In reality Alfonso reveals that she was the favorite of the public, and as such she will also be immune. In return, he will have to make a somewhat difficult choice.

THE SPARKS AMONG THE “PEPERINAS” – During the week there were a bit ‘of disagreements between Manila and Carmen. It all started with the first nomination made by Manila: from that moment the relationship has been cracking more and more, with a second nomination. Nazzaro accuses Russo of hiding difficult sides of her character to seek consensus, of playing strategy. On the other hand, Carmen thinks that Manila “manipulates” some people a bit.

THE RETURN OF MIRIANA – Trevisan returns to the House. In agreement with Alfonso she pretends to be back only for a last goodbye. After a while, however, she reveals the truth: she was the most voted, not only was she not eliminated but she will also be immune. Not everyone is happy, Soleil chews bitter in an obvious way. Signorini explains that a new phase of Big Brother begins today. But that’s not all: Miriana has to decide who to send directly in nomination among the three companions who were saved together with her. After what happened with Katia and after Sophie was the only one to take her defense, the choice can only fall on Carmen.

A SURPRISE FOR FRANCESCA – Cipriani after the marriage request of the last episode is fully in wedding preparation mode: she has already thought about the dress and said that Katia will sing the Ave Maria in church. Francesca is invited to go to the garden where she is joined by her mother. It is an exciting encounter.

THE APPOINTMENT – This evening the nominations will only concern women. In addition to Miriana, Katia will be immune, voted by the tenants of the House, Francesca, chosen by Bruganelli and Volpe. The group moved to LED for the obvious nominations. It starts with Lulù who names Manila “for no reason”, making Signorini angry who invites her to leave the House and openly threatens her: “If next time you don’t make a nomination with a reason, quit, because you don’t play by the rules of the game”. Miriana names Soleil while Katia names Lulu. Clarissa appoints Manila. Carmen also mentions Nazzaro’s name. For Manila it is a kind of plebiscite because Sophie also appoints her. Nazzaro returns the nomination to Sophie. When Jessica also mentions the name of Manila, Katia bursts out speaking openly about conspiracy. Francesca breaks the anti-Manila front by voting for Clarissa. He closes the Soleil nominations by making the name of Sophie.

MEN’S PRIVATE NOMINATIONS – We move on to the confessional where we start with Manuel. Bortuzzo appoints Clarissa, followed by Aldo who confirms his aversion to Soleil. Davide mentions the name of Lulù while Gianmaria confirms the nomination for Soleil. It is then up to Alex who names Lulu. The latest nomination is that of Giucas who makes the name of Clarissa.

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