San Severo, attack on Vittorio Brumotti di Striscia: two more arrests

The circle on the alleged perpetrators of the violent attack on Vittorio Brumotti and the television crew of ‘Striscia la Notizia’ which took place on the afternoon of 5 October in the San Bernardino district of San Severo is tightening more and more. On the same day, the perpetrator of the violent punch in the face of the envoy was arrested, as well as a person under house arrest who had escaped from his home to participate in the riots (the video).

A few days later, the State Police had seized the house where the Italian bike trial champion had documented the drug dealing activity, as well as a box illegally used as a coffe-shop, equipped with various accessories for use and drug use. On the occasion, numerous cameras positioned outside the homes of some local offenders were seized.

Subsequently, on October 27, the State Police had carried out a measure restricting personal freedom issued against 11 people, most of whom operating in the San Berardino district, engaged in the sale of drugs as well as for arms crimes.

Finally, yesterday, at the end of an intense investigative activity coordinated by the Public Prosecutor of Foggia, the Mobile Squad of Foggia and the Public Security Commissioner of San Severo, carried out a precautionary custody order under house arrest against of two other offenders, seriously suspected of private violence against the envoy and a cameramen operator who accompanied him.

In particular, the man who, instigating the residents of the neighborhood to oppose the police operations, had tried to throw a stone at the television crew, then blocked in time by the police. At the time of his arrest, a luxury car, worth more than 100 thousand euros, was seized, probably proceeds from a crime. The other person arrested is a man who had shown his genitals to the cameras of ‘Striscia’, also seriously suspected of the attack, which took place inside the emergency room of San Severo, where the television crew had gone to receive treatment. medical. He had punched an operator’s camera, ordering him to delete the recorded images and causing him injuries.

In addition to the measures restricting personal freedom, some preventive measures were also applied, both for the people captured yesterday and those arrested on the day of the attack. In addition, the Foggia police headquarters ordered a three-year return ban on trapper Paname who, through a video clip published on the web on 10 November, had addressed serious threats to Brumotti, accompanying the words with clear gestures that mimic the explosion of gunfire. Further ‘oral notices’ were also notified to some offenders who had actively participated in the making of the aforementioned video.

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