“We hit the economy en masse. We send *** shops and restaurants to shit.”

“Dear friends, I’m Enrico Montesano, I’m a Roman and in my spare time also Italian. Yes Italian! Fortunately or unfortunately I am! True friends, friends left, skimmed, friends with elective affinities, let’s stop sending us messages. I’m fed up, I don’t accept this situation. I’m pissed off and I can’t stand all this anymore! Let’s start an individual, firm, obstinate, civil disobedience “. Thus begins the harsh outburst of Enrico Montesano, who publicly expresses his clear dissent for the further tightening of the government and the entry into force of the Super Green Pass.

“So many revolutionaries alone make a great revolutionary mass! – Montesano presses – In doing so, we will individually escape, and hit in its economic interests this traitorous state, this unjust government and this system that does not represent us. Let’s hit them in the wallet. No more use of the money. credit card and / or debit card, no superfluous consumption, do not resort to multinationals such as Amazon, no purchases in shopping centers, we use Italian products and neighborhood shops “. The popular actor explains even more in detail: “No bank, withdrawal of liquidity from current accounts, separating the subscription fee and canceling the Rai subscription. Do not see generalist channels. Do not consume, do not follow programs anymore. We consumers and users have the power. No expenses at Christmas. We stay with us and have a Christmas like our grandparents did. We send the shops, the restaurants flying greeeeeen passsss to the shit. Disobey, disappear as consumers! “.

Montesano goes down hard: “They have to crash: government, newspapers and TV, without resources and without listening! From today we begin. Let’s see if we segregated, mistreated, are so useless, insignificant and irrelevant! This super greeeen cazzz is an offess to dignity. We are not at all few! We can do them a lot of harm. 30 days !! Let’s hold on, I know it’s a great sacrifice but it affects our freedom and dignity! We can stick it in that place! Will you do it? If you are convinced spread this message. Thank you. Resistance Truth Freedom “, concludes the actor.


hit economy masse send shops restaurants shit

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