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Tiziano Barbafiera: “Rockin ‘Hood” review

Five multifaceted and exciting songs ranging from rock to blues, from swing to pop.

Singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger: these are more or less the faces of Tiziano Barbafiera, Tuscan artist who has been active for years in various musical fields ranging from opera to musical, from jazz to swing through simple pop-rock.

In this entirely self-produced ep, Barbafiera is accompanied by a six-piece ensemble to record five high-level tracks, able to range from 70s rock to swing, passing through prog plots and jazz episodes. Don’t be fooled by the energy and groove of the title track “Rockin ‘Hood”, around the corner is the Stones blues ballad “Deep Flame”, and after that you will find the 80’s atmosphere of “Before Gettin. Old “, which is carried away by a bewitching and romantic trumpet. Night club situation of a certain level, New York atmospheres and melancholy landscapes give way to the pure rock’n roll of Good Huge Blues and the melodic and dreamy rhythms of “ReWind”, sung in Italian, perhaps the weakest song (it is made for say) of this work.

Rockin’ Hood it’s a multi-genre experiment that captures on first listen, played beautifully and full of mouth-watering technical nuances, despite the songs never lingering (another plus point). Tiziano Barbafiera gives us a glimpse of his artistic talent and offers it to us in his style: multifaceted and exciting.

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Tiziano Barbafiera Rockin Hood review

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