30 years without Freddie Mercury, the rock legend

Today it is exactly 30 years since that November 24, 1991 in which rock legend Freddie Mercury died at just 45 years old. His unmistakable voice, together with Queen, continues to enchant his many fans who have never forgotten him. His yellow jacket and his mustache will forever remain among the historical images of international rock music. It was he himself, with a press release, who made his illness known by putting an end to the many rumors that were circulating about his state of health and explained his disappearance from the public scene despite the release of the fourteenth Queen studio album, Innuendo: ” I would like to confirm that I have tested positive for the HIV virus and that I have contracted AIDS. The time has come for my friends and fans around the world to know the truth and I hope that everyone will join me, the doctors who follow me and those around the world in the fight against this terrible disease ”. It was November 23, 1991, the day after Freddie Mercury died leaving all those who loved and followed him in despair and pain.


years Freddie Mercury rock legend

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