Mancha and the rock nostalgia of the saddest man in the world: the playlist

Mancha and the rock nostalgia of the saddest man in the world: the playlist
Mancha and the rock nostalgia of the saddest man in the world: the playlist

Wetsuit – The Vaccines

At the beginning of my career as an artist and songwriter I always shared my ideas and

projects with a great friend and drummer, who first introduced me to Vaccines, e that I often involved in the creation of my songs. I have this memory of one evening

that we were returning from a small recording studio converted from a garage

friend, we traveled by moped and along the way we sang this loudly a cappella song!

Everytime I Look For You – Blink-182

In 2017 I lived in Honduras for a year as an exchange student and if I think of a song to be linked to that year of adventures, Everytime I Look For You by Blink comes to mind. The first verse reads “Every time I look for you the sun goes down”, and in this sentence I reflect a lot, since every time I run after those memories “the sun cala ”in a nostalgia for good times.

Have You Ever Seen The Rain – Creedence Clearwater Revival

In many periods of my life I have felt sad, and even today these moments come unexpectedly. There isn’t always a reason to be sad, it just happens that you wake up one day feeling like nothing you’ve done up to that point has made sense. This is the song in which I take refuge in those moments as often the phrase “Have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day?” it makes me open the eyes.

I Fought the Law – The Clash

At Christmas 2013 they gave me an album containing the greatest hits of the Clash.

I had been playing the guitar for about 2 years, I was already passionate about predominantly American classic rock and this britsh sound, which I had never heard before, surprised me. The 21st track of the collection remains in my opinion the most beautiful,

ovvero I Fought the Law.

Anastasia – Slash, Myles Kennedy, The conspirator

I followed Slash’s career after his time with Guns because he is one of the artists I have always admired the most. He was my biggest idol and his was also my first real live concert as a spectator. Anastasia is a technically difficult piece but also beautiful from the harmonic point of view and with incredible virtuosity. I couldn’t wait to hear him live at the concert!

Mr. Highway’s Thinking About the End – A Day to Remember
I have a memory linked to this song that makes me laugh a lot looking back now. From teenager I was playing in a pop punk band and one day they invited us to open a

concert. We showed up with clean-cut faces like “baby boys” and played this

hardcore hunk. Clearly we aroused some amazement and that was even the only one

time the piece fit us! During the change of stage, a boy from the other group, much older than us – came out saying “And now what do we do, after of 15-year-olds opened with A Day to Remember ”?

All Day and All of the Night – The Kinks

This is the song that as soon as it starts reminds me of one of my favorite movies, if not my favorite, that is I Love Radio Rock. This is the true story of a pirate radio that was broadcasting somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Soundtracks that transport you to other places and times, making you feel many sensations.

Across the Universe – The Beatles

Once we left with my family in a van to France. During

that vacation my uncle gave me 3 books with the chords for the whole guitar

Beatles discography. I still didn’t know anything about the Beatles except the songs anymore

famous, that time he taught me to play and sing songs even before me

listen to the original version! Among them, there was also Across the Universe, perhaps the


Sunshine Of Your Love – Cream

When I think of this piece, I am reminded of when I learned my first guitar riff (even before Smoke on the Water!). I only learned the initial riff because the song itself at the time did not interest me at all. Only after a couple of years did I want to learn both how to play it and how to sing it all!

Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Trivial but a must: for my first ever gig as a guitarist I bought a radio transmitter jack for guitar so I could perform wirelessly. I spent 250 euros just to be able to move and play the Thunderstruck intro under the stage. AND to think that after that concert I never used it again!

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