“My life? Full of dead ends, but I was lucky enough to meet those who helped me get out »- Corriere.it

“My life? Full of dead ends, but I was lucky enough to meet those who helped me get out »- Corriere.it
“My life? Full of dead ends, but I was lucky enough to meet those who helped me get out »- Corriere.it
from Matteo Cruccu

The Depeche Mode singer presents the solo album «The Imposter» and tells
his pandemic: “I have always been isolated with myself, well before the virus”

When you meet him he is a staid gentleman, with a thought always turned to the family, a slightly graying hair and sunglasses that no longer mask vices and extravagances. A normality, we would say, bourgeois, that of Dave Gahan today, a living monument of pop and rock with Depeche Mode who, until twenty years ago, had little of normal. But it is long gone now, today there are other concerns that run through it, like this time frozen by the pandemic. However, Dave was not stopped: left for a moment the old friend of Depeche Martin Gore, he went back alone, accompanied for the third time by the Soulsavers, producer duo, to lend his splendid voice to twelve songs of people like Bob Dylan, Neil Young or Elvis Presley. And for an album called «Imposter», the impostor.

Are you the impostor?
He laughs: «Yes. But we all are a bit, we protect ourselves, we have a hidden part that we do not reveal to others. The paradox is that only with music do I feel genuine, authentic, true. Especially with the songs I didn’t write ».

This is also a paradox …
«But I spent a lifetime with Depeche singing and making my own the words written by another, a certain Martin Gore … At least here I was able to choose the songs that tell about me. And these twelve pieces represent me very much ».

How have you spent the last year and a half?
“It was certainly bizarre, but not so unusual: I spent most of my life, well before the pandemic, alone, alone with myself, even when I was among others, in short, I have often been in lockdown … sure, it was tough for my kids and my wife. Then, of course, it was also an opportunity to make this record ».

Not with Depeche though …
«We concentrated on our individual projects, even Martin did a solo, instrumental record. But if we come up with some ideas next year, why not? ».

Returning to the album, first of all there is the Elvis of the splendid «Always on My Mind».
«I have always believed in him, he inspired me a lot, he taught me everything about performances. Because he too has always been an impostor, he never wrote a song, but when he played them he believed in them as if he had put them down. ”

While a song about her is “The Dark End of the Street”, a classic of soul. He has taken closed roads many times, but has always managed to get out of them.
“I was very lucky, there were many people, starting with my family, who helped me fight my demons and get out of all those dead ends. Without them, I probably wouldn’t have made it. ‘

One who didn’t make it is Kurt Cobain …
«At the beginning of the nineties, even if we practiced a different genre, you couldn’t not consider Nirvana: with Soundgarden and Alice in Chains they marked an era. I only met Kurt once, we exchanged a few words, maybe he was too young, maybe he should have stopped because things went too fast for him. ”

And 40 years have passed since Depeche’s debut with “Speak and Spell”. Did you think you were going to last that long?
“No, we were teenagers, we didn’t even think about the next week, let alone forty years.”

She will be 60 next year. Some time ago he swore that “he would never go on stage at 60 like Mick Jagger.” Now Mick is almost 80 and still there. Will she keep her promise?
“There is a time for everything, even to close. But the truth is that I’m getting there without realizing it: if I sing and feel good and it will be possible to do the concerts as before, I believe that I will not keep my promise ».

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