“I had Covid, horrendous. How am I now”

“I had Covid, horrendous. How am I now”
“I had Covid, horrendous. How am I now”


The well-known singer-songwriter decides to speak openly with the audience that supports him, confessing that he too has fought against the Coronavirus

Published on October 26, 2021

Tiziano Ferro confesses to having had Covid-19. Even the beloved singer-songwriter had to face this uncomfortable challenge and he himself talks about it, on his official Instagram profile. He chose to speak to his fans on the occasion of the 20 years of Rosso Relativo, the song launched in 2001 which became one of his many hits. Answering various questions, he found himself admitting that he had fought against the Coronavirus. Fortunately, now the Italian singer-songwriter is fine, but he did not experience a simple situation.

However, Ferro does not disclose the exact period in which he was positive for the virus. Instead, what he does know is that he is still dealing with the consequences of various symptoms. In particular, the singer of Black Sere confesses that he has not yet recovered the sense of smell. That of taste, on the other hand, has somewhat rediscovered it. He has certainly not lost the sense of irony, so much so that he jokes a little about it: “It’s terrible because the taste of the pizza is not the same”. On the social network, Tiziano Ferro says that fighting against Covid “It was horrendous”.

Tiziano Ferro, renunciations in the period of the Covid-19 pandemic: a year away from home and tour postponed

The singer-songwriter has lived in America for several years and last June he moved everyone with a special video. Going into detail, after a year, he returned home to Italy. Own the Covid pandemic has kept him away from his loved ones. Therefore, hugging them again represented an even more important and significant moment for him. After this long period of absence, Tiziano seemed not to believe that he was finally back on Italian territory, at his home.

There were many who immediately commented on the exciting video shared by Ferro, to show the public the wonderful feeling he felt. As has happened to many, the pandemic has kept him away from his loved ones and also from his fans. He himself announced the choice to postpone the date of the 2021 tour. This was certainly not an easy decision for him to make.

The tour should have taken place already in 2020, but the singer-songwriter was forced to postpone. He wanted to celebrate his 20 years of career together with the public that has always followed and supported him. But this was not possible. Tiziano Ferro has chosen to respect the moment that the world is currently experiencing due to the virus.

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