Damiano David of the Maneskin and his girlfriend come out

Damiano David of the Maneskin and his girlfriend come out
Damiano David of the Maneskin and his girlfriend come out

It is one of the undisputed sex symbols of Italian music. Damiano David, frontman of the Maneskin, winning band of the last Sanremo Festival, has always been highly appreciated by the female audience. This is another reason why curiosity about his private life has grown over time. In fact, many wondered if the boy was single or had a partner by his side with whom to share successes and gratifications. But the singer has always been very reserved about his sentimental situation.

Over time, of course, there has been no shortage of rumors about his, real or alleged flirtations. There were those who wanted him engaged to the band’s bassist Victoria De Angelis and who had recently talked about one his past relationship with the former competitor de The Island of the Famous Drusilla Gucci.

In fact, the singer’s heart has long been engaged with a girl. The news had been in the air for a while and the most attentive had already put together some social clues. Last March a video went around the web TikTok in which Damiano danced to a song from the new album, in which some details had been noted. He had highlighted them Novella 2000, explaining that it was a radiator, a sheet and a window that also appeared in the photos published by a well-known influencer and model, Giorgia Soleri. Fans then explored another aspect. In the singer’s Instagram profile, they noticed that the model was among the only 57 people he followed. And not even some “likes” that the two had exchanged on some photos have escaped.

But in the last few hours the official has come from the person directly concerned. Damiano has made it known that he is engaged to the Soleri. The singer announced it through an Instagram story that portrays him hugging the girl, accompanied by the phrase: “After almost 4 years we can say, right?“.

The love story would therefore go on for a long time, from 2017, the year of the debut of Damiano a X Factor con i Maneskin. What is certain is that the couple managed to keep it well hidden, leaving only a few small signs to leak out.

But who is this girl who was able to steal the heart of one of the most beloved characters of the Italian music scene? There Soleri she is 25 years old she is from Milan but she moved to Rome in 2020. She works as a model, especially in underwear, and influencer: on Instagram he has more than 115 thousand followers. Profile that following the announcement of her boyfriend, as expected, had a surge of a few thousand followers.

A character not known to the television audience but already quite established in the world of social media then. In his bio he declares with irony: “I pose, love, show my ass on Instagram and eat amatriciana. In the meantime, I write poetry and do the party pooper feminist“. The model has a close bond with her mother, with whom she often shows up on social media and is also attentive to the female issue and the issue of women’s rights. On his body he has several tattoos, each with a particular and profound meaning. Among these the words “I can do it allOn the forearm, a bloody dagger, a heart with barbed wire and the artist’s face Frida Kahlo.

A curiosity? Right below the last photo posted on Instagram following the announcement of his partner, Giorgia he wrote “ask me if I’m happy“. And the ironic comments of many fans of David, who responded with a healthy dose of envy: “In your place we would all be happy” e “Do I even have to ask you? You are engaged to a bono that the whole world envies you!“.

The fans then have to put their hearts in peace: the beautiful Damiano he has long had eyes only for his own Giorgia.

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