Damiano dei Maneskin sent away from the group: “He wanted to do …”

Disconcerting news from the Maneskins. Regarding Damiano and the rumor of his exit from the group, what happens

Surely an unexpected thing that reached our ears. None of the fans of the band would have ever expected such a thing considering how close and friendly Damiano, Victoria, Thomas and Ethan are. Apparently, according to the news that came from the internet, Damiano he was not such an important member for the group. But let’s try to reconstruct the facts of what happened.

The Maneskin, before their global success, came practically from anonymity not being known except as a neighborhood band. Originally from Rome, the members of the pop rock group had troubled times and hard work to deal with. Theirs real debut arrives in 2017 when, quietly, they arrive at X Factor as simple young guys intent on showing what they could do. The rest is history.

International fame was not long in coming, thanks to the victory obtained at Eurovision against other famous bands. They brought Italy to the top of the world on that occasion with their song and their art, continuing to do so today. A music made by young people in their early twenties, but with mammoth communicative power. Very special and at the same time truly incredible.

Damiano and the exit from the Maneskin

However, some may not know that Damiano was not a key member of the group. Or rather, not immediately. In fact it was expelled by Victoria herself because not suited to the goal of the Maneskin. His words, which today drive us crazy and which have made him one of the most loved in Italy, are not appreciated by the group at the beginning, causing him to be excluded.

“We were doing metal and Damiano wanted to do more pop stuff. We pushed him away “. Victoria’s words thunder a sentence that leaves you stunned. If you think about how Damiano is able to combine different genres, apparently dissimilar styles in an excellent way. So here we believe he is the leader of the group, but this is not really the truth. The name of the band and the members of the group passed through Victoria’s hands.

A girl joins the group but, unfortunately, the Maneskin project soon fails. It is Damiano himself who then returns to the rescue, asking to try again in the group. “He wrote me that he wanted to be serious: it was no longer a blowjob, he had improved”. Today we can say that Damiano was right.

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