Is Damiano David gay? The truth about the Maneskin singer

Is Damiano David gay? The Maneskin singer, winner of Sanremo 2021 at the center of gossip: here is the reason.

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He was with the whole Maneskin group the winner of the last Sanremo Festival, an unexpected victory given their young age that shocked even those directly involved.

Today after months and waiting for rfind them on the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest representing Italy, the front man makes the news.

It is about his private life, someone has in fact imagined that the young man could be gay, but in the last hours news has arrived that could change the cards on the table.

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Damiano David flirting with Drusilla Gucci: here’s the truth

Drusilla Gucci (Mediaset)

Damiano David Did the Maneskin leader have a flirt with Drusilla Gucci? This is the news of the last hours that is running on the web.

To deny it all was the young woman freshly eliminated from the Isola dei Famosi, the Canale Cinque reality show now on air with the new season.

They wrote that I had an affair with the Maneskin singer Damiano. Fake news… Unfortunately These were the words of the young woman released in her long interview for the weekly Chi by Alfonso Signorini.

In short, it seems that between them there is nothing but that the blonde would not mind at all, now it remains only to understand how the singer could think that someone has rumored to be gay.

We do not know which one knows the truth there have never been in fact confirmations or denials regarding the singer’s private and sentimental issue also because he is still very young he perhaps needs to enjoy life.

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Having said that, we look forward to seeing him with the group on the European stage where we are sure he will not disappoint the expectations of his audience who are already cheering for him right now.


Damiano David gay truth Maneskin singer

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