latest progressive rock show in Sestu

latest progressive rock show in Sestu
latest progressive rock show in Sestu

Sestu, September 4, 2021- The fourteenth edition of the progressive rock festival ends IN PROGRESS…ONE: tomorrow, Sunday 5th September 2021, give her ore 21 the two final concerts are scheduled on the border between rock, jazz and sound experiments in the usual setting of Casa Ofelia in Sestu.

But before the final evening, at 11, second concert-aperitif hosted in the Cossedda estates with music and tasting of “prog wines”: three special editions of the wines of Tenute Cossedda, due Vermentini from Sardinia it’s a Cannonau dedicated respectively to Yes, Genesis e King Crimson, with special celebratory bottles inspired by the most famous artworks.


This year’s theme is “The sound of the roots”And not by chance: the 2021 edition of IN PROGRESS… ONE, in fact, will give great space to musical contaminations with jazz, classical music and ethnic music, immediately present in the first, great records that gave life to the movement at the turn of the sixties and seventies.


Sunday 5th September, the final day of IN PROGRESS… ONE 2021 starts again at ore 11, always at the Cossedda estates and always with Brazilian music reinterpreted by Bernardini e Pischedda for the second part of SIMPLE AND ABSURD.

All ore 21 then, at Casa Ofelia, we stay once again in South America, but this time on the Argentine side, with the LAUTARO ACOSTA TRIO. Lautaro acosta (violin), Andres Langer (piano), Carlos “el Tero” Buschini (bass), Argentine artists residing in Italy have given life to a musical project, in which rhythms and styles of the tradition and culture of origin converge in a perfect fusion between different popular genres (tango, folklore, Andean music …) and Progressive, jazz-rock sounds, with some veiled hints of classical elements.

The 2021 edition of IN PROGRESS… ONE 2021 closes at ore 22 with one of the most popular classical guitarists of the last forty years and an authentic tutelary deity of the 12 string, RALPH TOWNER. Class of 1940, born in the state of Washington in the United States of America, multi-instrumentalist (he begins his musical history on the piano) Towner boasts an impressive musical curriculum: founder of Oregon, example of extraordinary acoustic fusion between jazz, ethnic and classical, in his solo career dozens of recordings and publications both as a soloist and in collaboration with the likes of Gary Burton, John Abercrombie, Egberto Gismonti, Larry Coryell, Keith Jarrett, Weather Report , Jan Garbarek, Gary Peacock and Paolo Fresu (with the album “Chiaroscuro” in 2009). Considered a virtuoso and an innovator, Towner is able to transcend and unite musical genres thanks to his guitar and is the subject of study and veneration by entire generations of jazz guitarists.

The show was made possible thanks to the organizational effort of the Mediteuropa association, with the support of the Regional Department of Culture, the Foundation of Sardinia and the Municipality of Sestu.

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