“I think the next album will be the last for the band”

In the course of a new interview, released to The Sunday Times, the great Robert Smith revealed new details regarding the new The Cure album currently in the works. According to the British frontman, the new material of the band will be “very exciting”: “It will put together 10 years of life distilled into a couple of hours of very intense music“.

But there is a sentence that has made the rounds of the network in a very short time and concerns the future of the band. In the past Robert Smith had already said that “every The Cure album could be the last”, but this time the British singer-songwriter seems to show that his decision is more effective and reasoned than ever: “I can’t think we’re going to do anything else. I definitely can’t do it again”.

Regarding the long time lag since the last studio work, 2008’s 4:13 Dream, Robert Smith admitted that the long wait can be partly attributed to his effort in writing the lyrics: “I have struggled more to finish the lyrics of these new The Cure recordings than at any other time. We recorded about twenty songs and I didn’t write anything. I mean, I wrote a lot, but I finally looked at it and thought, ‘This is garbage.’

Smith then explained that he struggled to meet his high standards for lyrics: “The difficulty is that I have become such a harsh critic of myself that I think, ‘Who will be interested in this?’ It’s a really bad thing. I was listening to the songs and I thought this was the best music this band has ever made, and my lyrics tell stupid“.

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