Demon Slayer becomes a live action movie for adults!

Demon Slayer becomes a live action movie for adults!
Demon Slayer becomes a live action movie for adults!

Tanjiro and Nezuko momentarily leave the body of the gods Demon Slayer to enter the industry … red light! A Japanese company producing adult films, in fact, has created a live action film in which the two Kamado brothers indulge in brotherly love.

After Mugen Train and the second season of the animated, the Demon Slayer franchise ventures into a rather unexpected field. Total Media Agency, popular producer of pornographic films, is working on a virtual reality production based on the work of Koyoharu Gotoge

For the production of the film, the production company has adventure revisited in hot sauce by brothers Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado. Tanjiro’s love for his younger sister rises to worrying levels. Nezuko becomes more and more attractive and the demon hunter will feel more and more desire for her. Nezuko, who drools and squeezes human semen to quench his thirst, will face Tanjiro’s sharp sword and his breathing of absolute concentration, this time used for purposes not in keeping with his duty as a slayer of demons.

The film subjective live action, which stars actress Mitsuki Nagisa as Nezuko, will arrive in Japan on the DMM digital platform from 29 October. The price for viewing, for a duration of over 120 minutes, is around $ 12 for high definition and $ 9 for standard definition. We are betting on another box office record!

And you, without falling into vulgarity, what do you think of this rather bizarre project? We leave you to the most recent allegations to Demon Slayer and our review of Demon Slayer 2×03.


Demon Slayer live action movie adults

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