leaked the sixth, cruel villain of the film? That’s who it is

leaked the sixth, cruel villain of the film? That’s who it is
leaked the sixth, cruel villain of the film? That’s who it is

It may have just been unveiled on sixth villain from Spider-Man: No Way Home, the new Spider-Man movie starring Tom Holland.

Three months after the release of the cinecomic, rumors and rumors continue to follow one another regarding the Multiverse and in the presence of the past interpreters of the character, that is Tobey Maguire e Andrew Garfield. Not to mention the many villains, first of all the already confirmed Doctor Octupus ed Electro, interpreted by Alfred Molina e Jamie Foxx, and not to mention that recently there has also been talk in concrete terms about the possible presence of Sinister Six.

L’insider Spider-Fan, author in the past of important scoops and in particular of photo and video materials that showed the presence of Andrew Garfield on the set, then removed by Sony, has now indicated as said the sixth villain of the film: Rhino. It is not reported if Paul Giamatti will come back to interpret it, or if it will be realized entirely in CGI. For the moment there are no confirmations in this regard, of course, so we will have to wait for new, any announcements from the official channels to know if the rumor will prove to be true or not.


The branded film Marvel Studios e Sony Pictures Interactive the next one will arrive in theaters December 17 in the United States, while the trailer can be found WHO.

The new adventure, we remember, will bring for the third time to the big screen, in one standalone, the much appreciated Peter Parker by Tom Holland. And this time we will see the young man struggling with another awaited novelty of the MCU, the so-called Multiverse, which will put the heroes face to face with infinite possibilities and alternate versions of the characters already seen so far.

Judging by the intriguing images seen in the movie’s record trailer, it will be a truly explosive adventure and definitely different from the previous ones. Spider-Man: No Way Home in fact, the story of the hero will continue after the devastating finale of Far From Home, dove Mysterio, using one of his usual tricks, he managed to put Spider-Man responsible for the disastrous events that occurred in the film, revealing his identity to the public.

Basically, not only does everyone now know that Peter Parker is actually Spider-Man, but they consider him a villain. As can be deduced from the trailer, the young man will ask for help from Doctor Strange to make the world forget his identity with a spell, only to change his mind when he realizes that, in that way, even his loved ones will remove from their minds all the memories related to him. His rethinking, which took place right in the middle of the powerful and very dangerous evocation of Strange, distracts the Sorcerer Supreme, causing a fracture in space time: the Multiverse has served.

Sitting behind the camera is once again Jon Watts, who directs a cast composed not only by the protagonist Tom Holland, also by zendaya as MJ, Jacob Batalon in Ned’s, Benedict Cumberbatch come Doctor Strange, Angourie Rice in the role of Betty Brant, J. K. Simmons in that of J. Jonah Jameson e Marisa Tomei, who will return to play Aunt May.

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Photo: Marvel Studios


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