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Gilles Rocca and Miriam corrupt for a scoop? The truth

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The former castaway from the Island of the Famous has revealed the truth about the breakup with his girlfriend Miriam. Today, after several months of indiscretions, Gilles has decided to reveal the whole truth about his story with Miriam, the breakup and the flashback. What happened between the two?

A July of this year it seemed that between Gilles, ex castaway from the Island of the Famous, e Miriam Galanti, his historical girlfriend, was it really over. Before we talked about crisis, then thedefinitive removal. It would therefore seem that the two are Really separated this summer, but they didn’t want to formalize to avoid gossip e scandals. L’ex castaway, even, he revealed that they were offered to him money per formalize the break up on newspapers, but the man refused, claiming he didn’t want to sell his important history love to do scoop. Gilles Rocca at the time of the facts he had denied everything, but a few months later he published a post Instagram, to clarify, in which he explains how things really went between the two of them:

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Was a period strange, I dare say absurd where many without any rights have taken the liberty of knowing what was happening to our history, if we were together or not, if we had othersloves“. There was a time when all this interest media made us take the decision from separate for a while… they have us offered money, covers but the deal was to say in the newspapers that NON we were more together.” – Gilles continue- For money I do not speak of my life, of our life above all I do not speak badly of it … for a moment as long as a lifetime we have chosen to separate this summer, we needed to be considered people single and not a “gossippara” couple, but the desire to stare together obviously it was too much and what we have written for 12 long years could not stop like this! Welcome back my love.

Gilles Rocca e Miriam Galanti I’m returned together. Now it’s really official, Gilles in addition to telling what happened between them this summer, he confirmed that he is finally back with his amata. From his words it is clear that the feeling between the two has never really faded away. It would even seem to have strengthened after this brief pause from reflection.

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Gilles Rocca Miriam corrupt scoop truth

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