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Eight and a half, “he was wrong …” Gruber nails Galli on reopening. How prof – Il Tempo is doing

Eight and a half, “he was wrong …” Gruber nails Galli on reopening. How prof – Il Tempo is doing
Eight and a half, “he was wrong …” Gruber nails Galli on reopening. How prof – Il Tempo is doing

Giada Oricchio

07 May 2021

“Was I wrong to be a catastrophist? I wish it with all my heart ”. Professor Massimo Galli, a “Half past eight”, Friday 7 May, he replies as follows to Lilli Gruber on the data of the Covid-19 pandemic in decline despite the “reasoned” reopening.

Lilli Gruber opens the episode of her program by teasing Massimo Galli, virologist at the Sacco hospital in Milan: “Did you see the data? So he was wrong to be a catastrophist? ” and Professor Galli: “I hope that this is the case, but let’s give time to time, I hope that it is so in perspective and that slow vaccination is sufficient. What matters is not to have full ICUs and to have fewer deaths even if they go down slowly. However, infections are many and also increase in young people. I don’t want to be pessimistic to the bitter end, I hope with all my heart that in 8-15 days things are going well. The decision to cancel the curfew? We should have done 30 million vaccines that we didn’t. I can only hope that the growth of vaccinations will stop the spread of infections ”. But Galli sounds an alarm bell: “We are not getting herd immunity and I believe that to get there we will need a more up-to-date vaccine for future variants. If we manage to vaccinate with something updated compared to now, perhaps we will be able to achieve the much-desired herd immunity that would prevent the circulation of Covid. The problem is that the vaccine of now is studied on a virus of a year ago, now the picture is much more varied “.

Gruber, however, interrupts him and stings him again, reminding him of an English study on the great effectiveness of Pfizer Biontech also on variants and Galli: “If you let me say … I was finished!”, The journalist smiles slyly and apologizes, giving the virologist a way to finish the concept: “The work published on May 5th says that the Pfizer vaccine is 97% effective in preventing the variant from ending up in hospital, resuscitation and cemetery, but if we consider the South African variant the percentage is much lower. Now the real question is whether we achieve herd immunity with this vaccine and the answer is probably no. The other unknown is: what we have now will be updated and if so when? ”.

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