Wednesday, March 3, 2021
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Tag: Adani

Adani and Cassano reject the new Juventus

Article link The debate around the "new" Juventus by Andrea Pirlo. It was the same Juventus coach, after passing...

Cassano echoes Adani: “If you play like this in Europe it’s tough, Juventus risks getting hurt”

Antonio Cassano thinks like Lele Adani. During a speech on 'Bobo TV', the two former players warned Andrea Pirlo about the new Juventus...

Adani doesn’t like the new version of Pirlo’s Juve: “Watch out, in Europe it won’t be enough”

"For me in Europe this Juve is not enough". Lele Adani | during a speech at 'Bobo TV' he had his say on the...
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