Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Tag: 51yearold

Rome, accident on the Olimpica: breaks through the guard rail and flies the car into the void: a 51-year-old died

A leap into the void from seven meters high. Before crashing into a condominium parking lot, the car broke through the guardrail and...

Rome, car off the viaduct at the Farnesina, a 51-year-old died – Corriere.it

It will now be the autopsy to establish whether the 51-year-old who flew in his car yesterday from the Via Olimpica to the underlying...

Shop in Cagliari, in handcuffs a 51-year-old VIDEO

A 51-year-old from Cagliari was arrested by the Falchi della Squadra mobile following a series of activities against drug dealing, especially in the squares...
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