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“White attacks black”, YouTube blocks the chess channel for racist content –

With all that talk of white who threatens black, attacks and counterattacks him, the channel must necessarily be racist. Last summer YouTube had blocked Antonio Radic’s account for offensive content but there is a problem: he is the most followed chess player in the world and mentioning the two colors is part of one’s profession. Better known as Agadmator, Radic constantly posts videos in which he comments on matches. He has the most followed chess account in the world, he counts well one million subscribers and his videos have even reached 5 million views, such as the legendary clash between Nezhmetdinov and Chernikov in 1962. The blockade last June 28 lasted only 24 hours and YouTube has not given explanations but two researchers believe they have understood the reason: the fault of artificial intelligence.

He tests

Stando ad Ashique R. KhudaBukhsh e Rupak Sarkar della Carnegie Mellon University, all that black-on-white talk may have triggered the algorithm who, along with some humans, sift through the content posted on the Tube in search of offensive arguments. We don’t know what tool YouTube uses, but these things can happen if it relies on artificial intelligence, KhudaBukhsh said. To prove this, the two researchers took two of the most well-known software programs programmed to find hate speech and fed them 680,000 comments collected from five YouTube channels dedicated to chess. They then picked a thousand that had been flagged as inappropriate by at least one of the programs and checked them out in person. The result was net: 82 percent did not contain any racist references, just the typical jargon of that millennial game.

The forbidden words

In addition to black and white, there are other words that confuse artificial intelligence. The colors approached attack, block, counter, capture and threaten they cause the system to lose its bearings and thus report the content. Apparently one sentence in particular caused the Agadmator channel to be blocked. In that video of June 28, the Croatian chess player he was commenting on a match with the Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura, and he simply said white attacks black.

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Adapt the language

The solution to these errors, according to the researchers, would be inincorporate chess language into software-vigilante so that they don’t get confused. Thanks to the series The chess queen in fact, the videos on white bishops, kings and white pawns who clash with their black counterparts are experiencing enormous popularity and it is right that even the algorithms adapt to the evolution of our language.

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