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Via Porro wakes up on the set of a detective story: under the bridge, one of the investigations of “Blanca”

Shooting of the Rai fiction based on the novels of Patrizia Rinaldi is underway. Article link

The protagonist is the actress Maria Chiara Giannetta

Genoa – Article link

The actress Maria Chiara Giannetta is wrapped in a warm duvet, the air is crisp in the early hours of the morning in Certosa. Some tweaks to the stage make-up, a hair repair before the “take” and a few photos with the murals of the “Walk the Line” project behind them, a destination for tourist tours and onlookers from all over the city.

Article link

The filming of “Blanca”, the Rai fiction produced by Lux Vide (the same as “Don Matteo” and “Doc- In your hands”) of which the XIX century had already revealed the arrival in the Superba a few months ago. A very armored set: no photos, onlookers turned away, traffic diverted in fits and starts, even the pedestrian one. No parking since the previous evening, with all due respect to those who had left the vehicle and got some fine.

He turned around between 7 and 9 in the morning to avoid snoopers in the streets between via Certosa, via Garello, via Egisto Bezzi, via Walter Fillak and in the former Colisa area, but few details are known about the plot and on the set the mouths are all more than sewn. Of the detective story based on the novels of Patrizia Rinaldi it is known that the protagonist is Blanca, a visually impaired detective with a specialization in wiretapping thanks to infallible hearing and a four-legged best friend who never leaves her: shooting in the areas affected by the collapse del Morandi immediately made most people think that they could see the tragedy of the bridge also on the small screen, but the events of August 14 will remain only in the background of history, without being the cornerstone of fiction. A mysterious corpse will take care of bringing the detective to the area, explains a qualified source close to the set: the Genoese episodes will take place following the investigations and the filming in the city will last approximately a month.

In the afternoon the set moves to via Porro: banners to ask for truth and justice for the victims reappear as in the aftermath of the tragedy, some takes on the street and then inside the apartment 11B at number 3, at the house of Ivo Brucciani, resident in via Porro for thirty-five years: «What an impression to see my apartment on television: I don’t know much, they changed the curtains, hung the colored clothes, the rest is top secret. I think the position interests him, the view, then I presume they will rebuild the interiors in Cinecittà – explains Brucciani – They warned me for five months: my terrace overlooks the bridge, my luck is that at the time of the collapse I was in holidays. It is good that we continue to talk about this tragedy, of course. However, the important thing is that there is interest afterwards, not only when the spotlights are on ». Next to the gym in via Porro a fake library has been set up in a garage for stage needs, the extras, all chosen from young Genoese, patiently await the directives of the director. Under the door, some inhabitants of the street are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the actor Giuseppe Zeno, well-known face of Rai fiction, for sget him an autograph or a selfie: «Beautiful is beautiful – they smile – Every now and then a joy even in this place that has seen so many misfortunes».


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